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  1. I've been traveling in and out of Brazil/Argentina multiple times and never been stopped/questioned. But that's just from one person's experience. You should let them know that yellow fever is not endemic to Sao Paulo or BA. The only time when it was required for me to take the yellow fever shots was when I was traveling from Ethiopia to Malawi (or maybe it was from Zambia to Malawi) and the Malawian officials wanted to see my "yellow card".
  2. The GL is a dump, but passengers could just use QF's JCL (for business/sapphire passengers) or QF's FCL (for emerald passengers). Better food and ambiance compared to the GL.
  3. No. Yellow fever vaccination is not required nor it is recommended if you are only visiting Sao Paulo or BA. Yellow fever is not endemic to both cities.
  4. First name is your given name while last name is your surname or family name. What bugs me most is that Malaysian passports don't differentiate between first/given name and last/family name in the machine readable part with an extra ">" to differentiate between the two. Immigration officers often have to ask me which one is my family name.
  5. Replacement. CX flights are zeroed out while KA flights have already been loaded with very similar CX flight schedules.
  6. You can't get any better than the A346? The FRA-based A346s are all old C/F and Y is just the same as the rest (maybe slightly better than the 744). Yes, of course from 30 March 2014 . If they are flying per their BKK rotation, they would: Day 1: FRA-KUL Day 2: Arrive KUL Day 3: Rest day in KUL Day 4: KUL-CGK-KUL shuttle Day 5: KUL-FRA I believe KLM has the same rotation as well.
  7. Seems like Lufthansa will be de-tagging its Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur flight and fly nonstop to KUL instead. Flights are loaded into the GDS and are available for sale. Flight schedules beginning 30 March 2014: LH782 FRA 2205 – 1605+1 KUL 1725 – 1820 CGK 346 x23 LH783 CGK 1935 – 2235 KUL 2355 – 0630+1 FRA 346 x34 Ho Chi Minh City will be suspended while Bangkok will be a turnaround with a noon departure ex-BKK. LH772 FRA 1735 - 0935+1 BKK 346 D LH773 BKK 1200 - 1830 FRA 346 D Good news for KUL!
  8. I think they flew 3 weekly SYD-KUL-SIN and 2-3 weekly BNE-SIN-KUL at its peak. And QF has cut down its international network a lot. I believe they only fly to Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta and Bali now. KUL is ignored probably due to yield and competition from MH and D7.
  9. Yes they do. Pretty basic and simple - not much in terms of food, but there is a small bar, a seating area and a small buffet. Oddly enough, there's a shower there too!
  10. I am not keeping my hopes up for a change to something like QF or CX F lounge given the length of time it's closed (4.5 weeks for J and 8 weeks for F). How about better food at the F side now that OWE gain entry to the F lounge.
  11. US airlines also offers complimentary upgrades to top tier elites at the very minimum (and earn other upgrade instruments like systemwide upgrades, e-500 stickers etc.), generous miles, no fuel surcharges on award booking, offer economy plus/extra (same economy seats with extra legroom) for elites etc. not saying that MH should follow US carriers, but there are also some perks to US carriers, not all bad. And if anything MH should adopt from US carriers is economy plus/extra (for their B737 flights) for oneworld/MH elites. Remove one row of economy and then have extra legroom in the front of the Y cabin, and non-elite passengers can purchase these seats at a reasonable rate while offering it for free to its elites. And most US carriers have flat beds in C - the hard product (just the seat, not IFE etc.) is better than MH A333 C product. To me, MH's C on the 333 is similar to AA's old international C.
  12. BA will change its schedule for its BKK flight this winter. Early afternoon departure ex-LHR for an early morning arrival and then mid morning departure ex-BKK. Similar to say KLM's schedule.
  13. I boarded a LH flight from gate H2 before - probably the first time for me to board a foreign carrier in the MTB.
  14. Under normal circumstances yes, unless there are IRROPS and the agent re-booked you into C/D/J/Z. Enrich points are based on the cabin/booking class you purchased.
  15. I must say, I am impressed with GA's FC based on his report. The seats look very similar to TG's ex-Jet Airways B77W suites and they are great - extremely private and the bed is comfortable. IME, MH doesn't offers a "wow" FC service - their meal service is *very* similar to the business class - the only difference is an additional choice of main course and different starter and dessert. No personal assistant, their first class lounge food is very similar to the business class lounge (with the exception of 3-4 made to order items), and they serve Spritzer water instead of say Evian or Perrier (first world problems...I know).
  16. Most airlines I know with the exception of Delta doesn't allow you to rollover (carry forward etc.) your elite miles. If you've already re-qualified for Platinum, the elite miles you earn beyond the 100,000 is meaningless. Some carriers like United or American gives you incentives like more system wide upgrades or bonus miles. MH doesn't provide any incentives beyond 100,000 elite miles as far as I know.
  17. At KUL now and it seems like CX 693 bound for Pwnang was diverted to KUL and about to take off for Penang. About 4 hours behind schedule.
  18. I am pretty sure Jetstar HK applied for all possible routes under their radar - flying to those cities is a different story. Better to get more rights than less rights for a startup.
  19. I was coming in on MH 67 from ICN earlier today. After take-off, we were estimated to arrive around 16:10 (our schedule arrival time was 16:30). About an hour out, we were told that we would be landing around 16:40 (and we landed around 16:45-ish) due to ATC congestion. All I know is we were holding north-east of KL and kept doing turns for a good 30-40 minutes before we made our way to KUL. Weather doesn't seems to be that bad at KUL - ground was a little wet, saw a few storm cells on the way, but pretty usual late afternoon thunderstorms in KL area - nothing extra-ordinary. I can't imagine the delays due to severe thunderstorms at KUL! PS: Does anyone know if landing priority are given to long-haul flights or to short-haul hops at KUL? In the US, priority is given to long-haul flights - if there are any weather related problems, props and short flights are the first to get hit.
  20. CX will move its red-eye HKG-KUL (CX 791) to a slightly more decent departure ex-HKG but still an awful arrival time at KUL. For winter 2013/2014: CX 791 2145 HKG - 0135+1 KUL D 333 CX 790 1035 KUL - 1440 HKG D 333 I flew CX 791 recently and I wouldn't recommend it (even with a flat bed in Business) - The block time is only 3'50" and due to stronger winds than expected, my flight was only 3'10" and landed at KUL 04:45! Also, the more popular CX 720/729 will see a mixture of 744/773 on certain days. Previously, this used to be flown solely on the regional 773/772 except for the rare 77W sub. Now if only CX fly this route solely on the 744 and make KUL a F destination
  21. I've been on TG, LH, SQ and MH A380 F and I would rank them in the following order: SQ > LH > MH > TG. All of them has its pros and cons, but I'd prefer MH to have their F cabins on the upper deck. Windows are better on the upper deck and much larger bathrooms (e.g. TG and especially LH's bathrooms). MH's F bathrooms are small - even the C class bathrooms are larger than the F bathrooms. LH beds are extremely comfortable and their seat is well designed. It is. Flights begin February 2014.
  22. Looks like MH is going to increase SYD to 3 daily too beginning 03 Feb 2014 (04 Feb 2014 ex-SYD). KUL-SYD MH 141 KUL 0900 - 2015 SYD 333 D MH 143 KUL 1925 - 0640+1 SYD 333/772 D MH 123 KUL 2250 - 1005+1 SYD 333 D SYD-KUL MH 142 SYD 0850 - 1415 KUL 333/772 D MH 122 SYD 1530 - 2055 KUL 333 D MH 140 SYD 2155 - 0320+1 KUL 333 D And Perth goes from 10 weekly to 11 weekly KUL-PER MH 125 KUL 0930 - 1500 SYD 333 D MH 127 KUL 2000 - 0130 +1 SYD 333 D x123 PER-KUL MH 124 PER 1630 - 2200 KUL 333 D MH 126 PER 0230 - 0800 KUL 333 D x234 Flights are open for reservations
  23. If the capacity for 3 times daily 333/772 mix similar to 2 times daily 380/333 mix, I'd prefer the 3 times daily. The flight schedule for MH 146/147 looks great for connections and now more passengers can connect to MH 149 ex-KUL. Now if only MH would upgrade their product to flat beds on the 333/772 that'd be perfect.
  24. A little OT, but Israel can issue Malaysians a tourist visa on a piece of paper and they will stamp your entry/exit on a piece of paper too (SOP for immigration at TLV nowadays). The Israeli government are fine with Malaysians visiting Israel. If you keep it on the DL, chances are, the Malaysian government will not know you visited Israel for tourism purposes. No you can't. Because immigration officials at BKK write your incoming and outgoing flight number on the passport stamp. If they see "LY 82/84", they'll know where you flew to.
  25. There are published fares to DRW, COK and DXB. If you can't book through the mobile app for some reasons, you can always book via expedia's website.
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