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  1. I actually think MH's fittings are more luxurious, despite not having the higher partition and sliding doors.
  2. Not terribly impressed by the IFE choice. Even qantas' is better on their 380s.
  3. Loves it!! Classy. Would've been perfect if the wau was slightly lower and had the red/blue combination as before.
  4. Has anyone else noticed the different IFE remote controls in Y - one is black and the other is white ??
  5. 510 seats??? Hmmm..... Isnt that a bit dense for a 4 class config? (QF has only 450) Adios 34" Y !!
  6. First time going back for raya in ages!! Departing LHR on EK2 on 18/9 @ 1415 (on the whalejet, yayy!!) 3 hour transit in DXB, then to KUL on EK 346 @ 0315, arrive KUL on 19/9 1415. CANT WAIT!!
  7. I'm Loving It!!! Love Love Love that MH are no longer Worlds Best Cabin Crew. Love that they've not made the list on most of the award cathegories (bar airline of the year which they've only managed to emulate their position last year and best economy class which they've dropped down 2 spots) Pretty soon, Skytrax will degrade their 5 stars to 4. IM LOVING IT!!!
  8. Forget First or Business, Etihad supplies noice-cancelling headphones in Y too - take that!!
  9. Will have to concur with Isaac on this one, as reported by some of my colleagues who flew return LHR-KUL on MH recently - load factors back in cattle class running at around 60-70% (as opposed to 5-6 years back when it was always chalk-a-block full in Y) Interestingly, my recent LHR-AUH-KUL on EY was about 80% load factor LHR-AUH and near 100% load AUH-KUL - unsurprisingly, filled with Arabs and also a number of Brits coming to Malaysia for hols Sigh....I guess the consumers are no longer stupid and know that there are better competitors serving the route ie SQ, EK, QR, EY
  10. Oh MH, please please join ONEWORLD!!
  11. If i may add: Just 2 weeks ago, I was given the following quotes from a local agent on a return LHR-KUL ticket; leaving on the 9th Nov and returning on the 20th Nov (all prices tax included): Etihad - £457.70 Emirates - £492.90 Qatar - £513.22 KLM - £520.00 Singapore - £547.00 MH!! - £565.00 Needless to say, we all know where my hard earned cash went to - for £107.30 cheaper than MH, I will be : 1)Flying an almost brand new A340-600 btw LHR-AUH on the return sector 2)New-ish A332's btw AUH-KUL 3)10.4" touch screen AVOD 4)Fabulous noice-cancelling headsets 5)Skytrax's Best Economy Class Catering for 2007 6)Only a maximum of 2 hours 50 minute transit time in AUH on the return sector Cant wait to fly Etihad again......flew LGW-KUL return back in Feb 07......thoroughly impressed Like Izanee, I was once a die-hard MH fan.......but until they get their act together, my money will continue to go to the 'Big 3' Middle Eastern Carriers indefinitely (that is until SQ starts using their whale-jets here)!!
  12. Lol......MH lost my business yonks ago! Been doing EK, EY and QR for my LHR/LGW-KUL runs over the past 2 -3 years and with the current state of affairs, I have no plans to revert back to MH anytime soon. Will try SQ next year when their whale-jets come to LHR.
  13. well.....it certainly looks more inviting than MH's
  14. man, about bloody time! still wished it was OW instead though
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