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Andrew K

Firefly's new uniform

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I notice there are 2 colour...orange and grey......is grey for the leading cabin crew or ground crew ?

I believe they use the term senior crew...


The thing with 1 piece suit is that it looks chic and nice on paper...problem is when not all crew fit one size...1 piece doesn't flatter some more curvy ladies...like indi.go of india and silkair of singapore...but it is more practical and easier to care for than a 2/3 piece. Remember the old airasia...they had like blouse, scarf, vest, blazer and skirt...5 items to care for...apuh!

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The very first uniform when the airline was first launched is missing in post #1. I used to have it in my old hard drive. If I am not mistaken it is a black round neck t-shirt with FY logo pairs with a long pant. Was googling it but to no avail. I think The Star should have a copy.


Edit: Yep, I lost it. Here is the post I made in A.Net 6 years ago about it. Hopefully the description is suffice.



Firefly’s stewardesses yesterday displayed their uniforms designed for practicality – black T-shirt, with the Firefly logo of golden wings, and brown trousers.


Edit 2: Found it! (after perusing the archive of thestar.com.my)



FY's first uniform back in April 2007.




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