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  1. The best commentary bit would have to be "container sudah hancur. Blender sama dia".
  2. High ranking, political connections. It wont be long until the perpetrator is released, let alone charged.
  3. When I departed LBU on 15 April it's not there anymore.
  4. This is my first time ever seeing this giant on our shores. It was in Labuan on 12 April 2013. Sorry for the bad quality of the photo.
  5. An RM9 Maggi cup on air asia is considered part of the best in-flight meal? I'm gobsmacked.
  6. Who on earth came out with such a name for a hotel? I'm not saying that Malay-inspired named hotels are bad, (remember Rasa Sayang Hotel at PJ?) but in this sense, it just doesn't jive.
  7. I hope the Dreamliner would not end up being called the Dreamwrecker.
  8. Thanks for the info. This means I still have time to fork out my money for that huge telephoto lens.
  9. This happens in Germany. My advice: Always keep a safe distance. Even pilots make errors. http://tinyurl.com/bw2tu4n
  10. I wish we could get enrich points for firefly as well.
  11. This brings back the good old memories. My dad was a frequent traveller to Jakarta back in the 80's so I get excited everytime I see MAS aircraft at Subang. A bit off topic, I remember travelling to LAX in 1987 in a 747 in this livery. I'm digging the old photos now.
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