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    I love model building since I'm an architectural model builder. I'm the owner of a model supply shop selling architectural model products, collectibles like airplanes, building kits, cars, figures, military, scratch build materials (Plastruct from USA, scenery materials, trains & trucks.

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  1. Remember I told you something new happen. This is it. If I'm not wrong this will be flying in November 1st in Subang with some grand official celebration. New this 2 month ago but cannot leak the news about this as strict instruction from my source. There should be a B777-200 in this color too.
  2. I wish I could join guys. Yesterday morning was a busy day for me. Looking forward to more updates from you guys.
  3. You have my vote too. Great picture T. Azahan.
  4. With strict supervision and QC it should not be a problem. Everthing can be made or assemble in China. Anyway the parts are still not from China.
  5. T. Azahan You spot the real thing I spot the model. PH10307/09/1 JAL "One World B767-300 JA604J
  6. What date is it going to be out at The Star Metro?
  7. I can still recall when we were approach to rush this model (COMPLETE in 3 weeks sometime in 1995) due to the earlier model builder could not make the parabolic of the MTB. My vote is to keep back to it original name KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang) KLIA sound GREAT.
  8. Yes you are right Ashmil. 4th place is no big deal. Most important is more FOREIGN airlines land at KLIA is what we want. I remember when I was appointed to made the airport model in 1994 the target was to have more passengers and traffic. Anyway congratulation to KLIA. Let's hope for more traffic, keep it up MAB.
  9. Wow. nice pictures T. Azahan. Love to see more, keep it up my friend.
  10. Thanks for the compliment, Yusoff. When we built the model it was everything as according to the architectural drawing provided by the design architects and the town planner and at that time we don't even have the state of the art laser maching which we only brought it in February 1995 from Wisconsin, USA. I'm kind of retrying from architectural model building now. We still have the laser machine which can cut & engrave very accurate +- 0.002" tolerance for non metal materials. Hoping to survive thru the hobby business but on & off still does some laser cutting parts for modellers who come to us for the service and we are glad to offer them some advice. After all 20 years is not a short time after surviving to 2 bad crisis 1986 & 1997.
  11. From what I see till now the traffic for international flight still justify for the 2nd Satellite Building. Improve the current situation first. Too many plans what for. Be realistic lah.
  12. Hi guys. Just want to share something we have done after I've see the topic where Pieter C post viewing the KLIA thru satellite. Why not see our own Malaysia KLIA with the architectural models that we built for KLIAB in 1994 where a dream start off with the idea of building a new airport which finaly completed in 1997 at Sepang. Everyone ask where is this place We did the model with the supervision from the design architects. Can you guys tell me which architect firm? We was call in to because the earlier guy couldn't made the model in time. In less then 4 weeks we had to complete this project that is to construct 2 individual model of the Main Terminal Building/Contact Pier and Satellite Building. We had to work on scale 1:600 that is because at that time there was no other producer of airplane models for MAS but Schabak. The hardest part for this project was the parabolic roof for the MTB Later on we went on to built the Flight Management Building at the scale of 1:100, Master plan model of the whole KLIA 1:4000, Souvenir model of KLIA 1:2000 & 1:4000, Langkawi International Airport Extension at 1:150 and we also did the MTB/CP & Satellite Building at the scale of 1:150 (very big) in clear acrylic for MAB for training the staff before the opening in 1997. The architects instruction for photograph to be taken B/W cause the model was made in monochrome color. Upon completion of the model and photography taken we are given the notice that the design is P & C. We are permit to show the photograph while we meet new client when we present our portfolio. 1 whole long year. Main Terminal Building/Contact Pier. 1:600 Satellite Building 1:600 KLIA Souvenir model 1:4000 KLIA Souvenir model 1:2000 KLIA Masterplan model. Can you guys see what are the difference from the satellite picture from googles? Langkawi International Airport Extension project 1:150 (The airplanes are not to scale) Hope you guys like what you have seen here.
  13. I would like to thank you Gavin Andrew David for helping me out with resetting and get me back into the site. As I'm new I have a problem 2 weeks back and there you are to help out. Keep it up. A very satisfied member. Raymond Lim
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