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  1. haha..i understand that captain! i hope all indian routes except BOM n DEL will be 738 operated flight. so no more indian turnaround flight for me too..hahaha
  2. Is this award precisely for AK alone or to D7,FD n QZ as well? Whatever it is, well done AirAsia... we re proud of u!
  3. congratz MH...congratz to me...hehehehe...but still MH have to look into their outdated software n hardware to compete with others. we (crew) are frontliners, n we express our appreciation by providing the great service to our guest. thank u for flying with us... also wanna congratulate to our red rival for the title of the world's best. Thank u for the support malaysian..!
  4. hey, try NOVOMIN...it works and practical!
  5. mine MH-F50/B734/A333/A332/B772/B744 AK-B733/A320 TG-A333 (KUL-BKK-PEN v.v) UL-A332 (KUL-CMB v.v.) A320 (CMB-BOM v.v) 9P-F50 (KBR-SZB) (KBR-PEN) EK-B772 (KUL-DAC-DXB-NBO v.v.) PK-A310 (KUL-KHI-KUL) B773 (KHI-JED-KHI) SQ-B772 (KUL-SIN v.v) soon to be MH-A380 lahh...n maybe B738 EY and QR - hmmmmmmm.....deeply in my consideration rite now..
  6. yea...thin,slim,skinny AND sexy!
  7. fall in love with this bird lah! how i wish i have doraemon here, use his magic pocket and turn me into NB crew!
  8. saw them at KUL. nice shape, lovely winglet, and handsome cockpit with no more eyebrows! wish i could fly them...those NB crew so lucky la!
  9. ohh..that particular kebaya (normala's) is waaaaaayyyyyy better than our current kebayas! i juz love the colors, and the hairdo! look at the hair tone....pure, no colors or whatsoever! unlike our current online FSS. hahaha....
  10. no la..im not based in BKI, but KCH instead. not for long time in borneo, after 6-7 month got promoted to 734...hehehe
  11. are u sure? didn't notice any PTV equipped A330-300 before. hehehehe....im gonna ask this to my friend soon to get cofirmation. rostered with A330-200/300 flights (KUL/DAC/KUL) (KUL/PEK/KUL) (KUL/DXB/IST/DXB/KUL)and B777 (KUL/FRA/KUL) flights last month and never encountered any A330-300 with PTV onboard.
  12. of course leeee...i can't wait to fly with the beast. i'll be 28 or 29 by then! yes kenneth! did F50 flights n i think it was super cutie aircraft.
  13. we dont like certain aspects of this aircraft like the galleys, the lower ceilings etc. and other than that, AFAWK, MH A333/332 flying inter region routes and for that, indian routes included. im not being racist here, but some of Indian origin pax using MH, are the rudest, unmmannered one. n that contribute to the unlikely flight to looking forward to. but if we manage to get good set of crew along the flight, it will be an enjoyable ride too. whatever it is, we must perform our duty as best as we can do. n not to forget 'spreading' our smile in whatever situation.....
  14. no doubt about that, but still remembering my 734 years...hehe! used nitestopping at KBR,BKI,SBW,MYY,KCH,PEN,KUA etc. but now no more......
  15. AFAIK, MH A332 still in blueish seat in Y class. just flying them for my recent KUL/DXB/IST/DXB/KUL flight. whatever it is, this is my LEAST favourite aircraft to fly. hate the galleylah..very crew unfriendly..but sometimes i do enjoy doing the flight too. hehe
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