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  1. Happy new year! Awesome catches Samuel
  2. Something special today (pardon the gate, it's obvious not a good spot here) IMG_2501 by VK LAU, on Flickr IMG_2552 by VK LAU, on Flickr IMG_2604 by VK LAU, on Flickr
  3. Went to Taipei last week & managed to stop by TSA for a good 30 minutes spotting (mainly just for the HelloKitty Jet ) Quite a lot of people at the observation deck that time. IMG_2398-001 by VK LAU, on Flickr IMG_2440-001 by VK LAU, on Flickr IMG_2445 by VK LAU, on Flickr
  4. Was on 2621 yesterday, it was indeed a last minute upgrade which I only received notification that the flight will be retimed to 20 mins behind schedule early in the morning. (I believe they combined 2613 & 2621 into the 333)
  5. Noticed the light condition for BKI around 6am considered not bad these few days, decided to give it a try, to my surprise.. finally caught you (missed it the other day) Malaysian 2637
  6. OT for awhile, may I know why TR took out their SIN-BKI route back few years then? as well as SIN-KCH right? Quite curious about this..
  7. Let's keep this thread alive in conjunction with LIMA '15 some evening spots. he needs a bath! hottt...
  8. this year there will be A380 fly-pass right? though that's not really the main dish for the show (as this is the 2nd time), any idea around what time will the fly-pass takes place?
  9. anyone knows what happened ?
  10. Ahh quite a while didn't post in this thread...taken on wednesday night & today 9M-MRM MRM came in again today doing Hajj charter, was taking video during her departure... 9M-LNG this one consider my main dish..rare here but all time favourite ! Thanks michael for the info 9M-AFD That's all from me
  11. Nice one jahur! add in one more earlier shot... yes captain? cockpit air-cond 'rosak'?
  12. Quite a while didn't post something in this thread...some 'fresh photos' taken just now raining cats & dogs.. that's all from me. would like to take this opportunity to wish every Mwing-ers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ! cheers.
  13. 9M-MXG currently flying just 18,000ft over westcoast of Borneo, from Manila..
  14. Perdana 1 just left BKI not too long ago..common sight?
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