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  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CgUKyPZDI5w/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Landing in WMKK Runaway 14L, Batik Air 737 Max. Recorded using GoOro Hero 8. Handheld. enjoy 😊
  2. Meor

    BKI 2021

    After sooooooooo many years did not post anything 😁. Hi I’m nubie please guide me ☺️. While waiting my flight to KUL with that Batik Air.
  3. Currently who is the BKI King of spotters? Hehehehehe
  4. i've fly with full Y but never get access to GL
  5. Need help please, I have booked return promo flight tickets (KUL-AKL-KUL) using Enrich point for my mother in-law. Unfortunately she had an accident, a young boy with new driving license hit her from behind at the car park. Doctor advise her not to travel due to head injuries. My question is, can i transfer the ticket to my bro in-law? any other option? maybe somebody from enrich can help..... try to call the but having problem to connect to enrich... meor. *I can provide the letter from doctor.
  6. hehehehe no such thing infant traveling alone..... will purchase the tickets at mas office...
  7. Super cheap deal you got there ridhwan, my wife doing the itinerary. we maybe going to the south island as well as my sister inlaws said not much to see in north island. Due to enrich promotions, we might ended up using our enrich points to go for Holidays!. I do have 56, 000 points and my wife 17,000 points. so we just need to purchase infant ticket.
  8. H C Chai, etihad one of the choice for pricing less than RM5k we dont mind for 1 stop but direct flight better.
  9. Hi guys, i need help on finding the best cheapest deals for my family trip next year.... the details as follows; Travel date: 25 may - 4 June 2013 (+/- 3 days) Depart: KUL (Kuala Lumpur) or Sin (Singapore) Arrive: AKL (Auckland) seat class: Economoney hehehehe (Economy) Passenger: 2 adults, 1 infant really appreciate all the help i can get tq.... -meor-
  10. Hats off to all... Superb coverage, so sad that i'm in BKI..... ps: I really love the lighting effects... *TK & T.Azahan, "bile mung nok datang BKI?"
  11. i saw this plane departing 2 days ago. i tough it belong to France air force coz i saw the blue white red color. didn't know that the plane return back to KKIA.
  12. Received sms yesterday said that my wife flight BKI-KUL on 4th Nov & KUL-BKI on 7th Nov have been cancelled. I manage to contact firefly call center and they said will transfer the flight to MAS instead.
  13. Meor

    BKI 2011

    Last sunday morning..... Jellyfish..... Runaway 20
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