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  1. Arrived last saturday night. Brought in two Mil Mi-8
  2. Some photos of the new airport, taken in March and April this year. The progress as of March. Main runway will be Runway 15, 1500m x 30m. Lots of sand filling need to be done due to the removal of the unsuitable peat soil. Wick drains installation at the main apron and main terminal. Enough to park 2 ATRs at any one time.
  3. Resurrecting a 2 year old thread... Found this guy this morning...C-FTGX Can almost touch it but block by the fence... Hit Jackpot today when Maswings' ATRs Zorro livery park side by side at the same time
  4. Charlie Echo Foxtrot Zero One to Yogyakarta dep @935am...Thank for the info MIR... Thanks for opening the Cargo Apron's gate Pak Guard...
  5. From Kudat (i think)... Rhythm of Borneo sticker at the back door, in conjuction with the Rainforest World Music Festival that will be held in Kuching this week. Dynasty 7901
  6. AJ wish comes true??... http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-07-06/airbus-said-to-market-improved-a330-to-bolster-range-of-aircraft.html
  7. The plane nite stop before tomorrow morning flight...
  8. Interesting new series by TV3, starts tomorrow night, 9pm (2/5/12). Look out for the 2 episodes that intrigued all of us all this while. http://mstar.com.my/...c=mstar_hiburan
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