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  1. Most are cancelled mid August. Time to repaint some aircraft and refurbish the 330s in time for a September relaunch?
  2. Malaysia Airlines considers tie-up with Etihad Airways as restructuring process slowly begins Source: http://centreforaviation.com/analysis/malaysia-airlines-considers-tie-up-with-etihad-as-restructuring-process-slowly-begins-172934 In summary: The possibility of further extending code shares, plus, an equity stake, subject to regulatory approval.
  3. Not an ad but a nice touch by SQ on Valentine's Day. http://youtu.be/vhAG8GtTldo
  4. Certain flights departing to KK and KCH in the afternoon and evening have high tea served, instead of a regular meal in Business class. Options include finger sandwiches, a scone with butter, cream and jam and hot savouries like a sausage roll, mini mushroom chicken pie etc. economy options remain the same
  5. In a few words, classy, relatable and straight to the point. The new SQ campaign, 'The Lengths we go through" Enjoy! http://youtu.be/Dv5Jt-nMfxw http://youtu.be/F_wxDuN3WNA http://youtu.be/R8f1AWJkXX0
  6. Preview of the new SQ ad campaign. Personally, I like the theme. 'The lengths we go to' is reminiscent to 'Going beyond expectations'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io-XCojpIgE
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cMLsCZsnHRM Here's the latest one from MH. I thought it was a samsonite ad. Lol.
  8. I'd try it. Looks very decent and not 'musnah harapan' at all. I like the colours. As much as I love flying with TG, there is a little too much purple in Royal Silk on the A380. Economy class seat covers look a tad awful with that pattern. Reminds me of reading trip reports on A.net on Biman's older planes. Well done though.
  9. Hello -MSA! Source: http://www.aviationphotographic.com/2013/02/maylasia-737-800/
  10. "MAS said it was introducing these benefits on all its flights that used the weight system for checked baggage, and that it was not applicable for travel to and from Los Angeles where charges are based on the piece system. Under the new baggage guidelines, all adult and child passengers will enjoy 30, 40, and 50kg free baggage allowance for travel on economy, business and first class respectively." More from http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2013/2/9/nation/20130209132007&sec=nation
  11. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2013/2/8/nation/12687117&sec=nation A new one piece dress with a slim belt and a scarf. From this To this, in the jet era To this. From The Star online
  12. Is it just me or does the tail logo look bigger than usual?
  13. I love how the stewardess puts up the seat divider and waves her hands out like a magician doing a magic trick. "VOILA!"
  14. Tried both J in 772 and new A333. I prefer the 772 seats.
  15. There are 2 versions of the video. One in english and one in Malay, depending on the passenger profile. At the end though, there will be an announcement in the other language eg Video in english, they will announce in malay that if you require additional briefing to ask a cabin crew.
  16. PR stunt? "Let's see how many people, altogether want to come. Let the papers see it, and snap photos." Really, if they wanted to do it systematically, and they've already set up an airline back home, so they know how recruitment goes, they would have asked folks to send in resumes and only call up those who qualify.
  17. According to the article, The Perfect Passenger is: • Male • Travelling alone • Age 31-40 • Sitting in Economy • Reason for travel: leisure I'm almost there!
  18. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/10/08/business/quest-air-alliances/index.html?iref=allsearch Airlines of the gulf: Shaking up the skies By Richard Quest, CNN October 9, 2012 -- Updated 0019 GMT (0819 HKT) Editor's note: In this analysis piece, Quest Means Businesspresenter Richard Quest examines the air industry's alliances. You can follow Richard Quest, CNN's foremost international business correspondent, on Twitter. You can watch Quest Means Business on CNN, 1800pm GMT weekdays. London (CNN) -- Trust the carriers of the Persian Gulf to cause mischief again. Having already destroyed the economics of the cosy international airline world, previously dominated by the European airlines, now the gulf carriers seem set to mess up the airline alliances too. All the major European airlines are now part of one of the three big alliances. There is Star (the biggest) based around Lufthansa and United Airlines; Skyteam based around Air France/KLM and Delta; Oneworld based around BA and American Airlines. Read more: How would you save American Airlines? The gulf airlines have until now eschewed the alliances. Firstly because competitively the alliances didn't want them, and secondly because they were growing very nicely, thank you, without them. The reality is the three gulf carriers, Emirates, Qatar and Etihad are forces with which to be reckoned. Strategic investments by co-operative governments have given them large fleets and huge airports. They have created a flourishing environment while established carriers languish. Where London, Paris and Frankfurt were the traditional change-hubs, today Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi are perfectly placed at the crossroads of east and west. They are able to open up vast new markets in the Indian and Asian continent, as anyone who has been in those airports in the middle of the night can see. Over the past year the gulf airlines have expanded their investments and routes and in doing so are slowly disrupting, some say destroying, the airline alliances. It is oneworld that is feeling the effects most. First, James Hogan's Etihad bought an equity stake in Air Berlin, a oneworld member. That deal raised eyebrows but it is workable within the alliance. Then, rival Tim Clark's Emirates set up a 10-year partnership with Qantas -- another oneworld member -- which will clearly have major implications on relations with other alliance members such as BA and Cathay. But everyone put a brave face on it. Ailing Qantas announces alliance with Emirates Today Akbar Al Bakar's Qatar Airways joins oneworld and comes within the fold. So, all three gulf carriers are now, in some shape or form, in bed with oneworld airlines. That would be confusing enough, but now another nail has been hammered into the alliance coffin. Oneworld's Air Berlin (and its paymaster Etihad) is entering a relationship with Air France/KLM, a member of Skyteam. And it's not just a codeshare, but a long-standing strategic tie-up. Hang on. How on earth can a oneworld Air Berlin do a strategic tie up with the leading carrier in a rival airline and keep its loyalty to oneworld? Even allowing for the fact oneworld is a looser federation of airlines than Star, this is a nonsense. The oneworld members are now either in bed with rival gulf carriers or hitched to rival alliance members in strategic partnerships. It beggars belief to think that oneworld can be more than a frequent flyer earn-and-burn alliance under those circumstances. The one who has most right to be annoyed is Al Bakar at Qatar. Once he is a full member he can rightly ask after the loyalties of Qantas and Air Berlin. Are they to his airline as a oneworld member? Or to Emirates and Etihad as their respective partners? We know the answer. It is a mess. More Quest: Chile's president on the U.S.' economic problems Clark at Emirates has always said the alliances' days are numbered. At this year's IATA conference he sparked a lively debate with the view that the alliances were passed their sell by date because they couldn't address the competitive demands of today's market. He may be right. They were a creation of necessity because global airlines cannot legally consolidate. However, as we are now seeing, the gulf carriers are either joining the alliances (Qatar) picking them off one by one (Emirates) or simply creating split loyalties (Etihad). I predict that Air Berlin will eventually leave oneworld and join Skyteam to tidy up its relationship. I predict Qantas will slowly but surely drift away from oneworld but keep one foot in the camp because of its relationship with American Airlines and U.S. routes. And I predict Star loses Brazil's TAM to oneworld next year. And throughout all of this the gulf carriers continue doing ad hoc deals where necessary (Emirates talking to American, for instance) and re-writing the rules. The point here is that the gulf carriers are in the left seat. They have the planes, the hubs, the connections and are opening up the new markets. Now the alliances have to learn how to deal with it. It won't be pretty.
  19. A380 offerings http://youtu.be/ZsLWJZymfn0
  20. While MH says goodbye to the 747's Thai has given theirs a new breath of life. B747-400 http://youtu.be/XHhdDQ9A2_w B777-300ER http://youtu.be/M_wF0vOWE0U A380 http://youtu.be/ZsLWJZymfn0
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