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  1. Well...well.. I think I had said about this half a decade ago http://www.malaysianwings.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19727&p=339542
  2. I have to say, yes it is but not shown on surface. Because back then, I think they were modelling themselves after Pan Am. Now, they are looking up for American Airlines. It would be great if there would be Firefly jet or Scoot Malaysia based on KLIA2 but nothing avail yet as the time we speak!
  3. Goh Choon Phong, the SIA CEO had lining up the importance of domestic market; which not within SQ tap.. https://skift.com/2019/05/29/singapore-airlines-ceo-lays-out-challenges-without-any-domestic-routes/ Remember, Scoot expands aggresively, they even fly to KBR this year... though not sure how it would last... the fare is competitive tho... considering no lay over via KUL
  4. Trust me... even Singaporeans not agreed with this MSA resurrection...can check Channel News Asia article comments about them
  5. He attended Harvard for seven-week short course program though never earn official college/grad school degree (apart from his stint in the airline for almost 40 years). I felt divided...
  6. Miles earn are pretty much standard across the partners but it is the redemption that matters QF is a NO go as the miles redemption are sky-rocketing high CX FFP divided by Asia Miles + Marco Polo. Asia Miles is for earning and redeeming miles. The miles redemption are attractive but the programme itself doesn't come with Elite Status. Here where you need to also apply for Marco Polo Club. However, you have to aware of the annual fees of US$ 100.Nonetheless, it can be waived after you earn 100 pts for Marco Polo. JL Mileage Bank is the best way to redeem but painful for most credit card holders to accrue miles as non-JAL credit cards are not accepted and only AEON cards from Japan qualify to earn miles. But if you are a frequent flyers on OneWorld, you can take a look on it as they are more or less require same value of miles as CX only without a seperated Elite status programme.
  7. MH should place some order for this beauty....or at least lease
  8. Wow, head-to-head fight with JL. It's getting more and more interesting to watch!
  9. Yes KK, I agree with you my friend. It is just me anyway. It's like saying "LCCT KL: Asia's Low Cost Hub (Also known to some as KLIA2). So in my words " Raise Concern (Also known to some as Bad-Mouthing!)". Hihi
  10. Come on... just give them a chance... AA operated in DFW at three different terminals... let them operate 1st, If it's not working, let's coming back here and bad-mouthing them!
  11. Actually looking forward for that kind of competition too. My two cents worth...
  12. Dong Mueng is low cost. CGK/SIN no low cost at all. Would he complaint for that too?
  13. So no need for OD to send their metals all the way to Europe (future Star Alliance members perhaps?)! MH-EK lesson learnt...
  14. Then it's the matter of time for Thai AirAsia X to launch the UK flights!
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