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  1. MH will again increase MEL-KUL to 17 weekly from 16NOV to 29FEB, any chance that these flights become permanent? https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/285614/malaysia-airlines-nw19-melbourne-frequency-changes/
  2. MH will increase MEL to 17 weekly, this will only be from 01JUL to 30SEP. I think MH is testing the market too see if a third service is sustainable before committing to a year round increase. The service will also give Tullamarine a morning KUL service since D7 went to Avalon. I wonder if D7's move has had a positive impact on MH - though price is still the main motivator for these services. Source: https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/282970/malaysia-airlines-increases-melbourne-service-in-3q19/
  3. I thought MEL and AVV were both restricted under the bi-lateral agreement as both are considered as 'Melbourne' airports. There are some exceptions, The Philippines applied for extra capacity for AVV which was approved, but 5J didn't want to use AVV anyways.
  4. Did D7 revise its livery again? It looks like the 'AirAsia' logo on the tail is the same as the A320's now without the 'X' and is diagonal, 9M-XXD (UFC Livery) and 9M-XXI currently have the new tail. White engines with no logo.
  5. I hearing that MH will increase MEL to x17 weekly?
  6. Reservations now open for the new MEL services.
  7. D7 have applied for x4 more weekly flights on the MEL-KUL route during busy periods in July and September. Those pax who are booking with D7 might be in for a rude shock when they realised that they booked for flights departing/arriving at AVV, imagine those with tickets connecting onwards to domestic flights! As the airline has not yet given an exact date, besides "late 2018" IMHO its poor form to be selling tickets advertised as MEL - Tullamarine. Call it a hunch, but I don't think D7 will last 2 years at AVV, they will likely have a spit operation with x2 daily going back to MEL, and possibly a daily flight out of AVV (or less, something like x4 weekly) Just because the cost of operating at AVV is cheaper, does not mean that pax will simply follow, JQ always has the cheapest fares exAVV, yet people rather pay that little extra to fly exMEL instead. JQ, TR, OD and MH must be very happy with this announcement, its a win win for JQ either way.
  8. The deal is for 10 years, I wonder if the numbers will stake up for D7, but if they can get XT and XJ onboard too, they can have a nice little operation out of AVV. Maybe launch a domestic operation, Air Asia Australia to feed all 3 carriers?
  9. Malindo have been awarded rights to operate KUL-MEL x4 weekly for a October start, will they get their A330's in time? I heard its a afternoon departure from KUL arriving in MEL at around 22:00 then the return departing MEL early the next morning.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys! Well it is school holidays season down in MEL and SYD, so loads are likely yo be high. I wonder if they offered the First Class seats to some high tier pax?
  11. Is there a reason why? Seems strange to suddenly operate the A380 on scheduled flights for only 4 days.
  12. Anyone know why there is an MH A380 sitting at MEL today? It operated MH148/149 today and looks like it is also scheduled for the next 2 days as well. Quite strange, and pleasantly surprised to see it at MEL! I believe its the first time an MH A380 has been on a regular service to MEL, besides the Real Madrid charter a while back.
  13. I wonder if they will be able to use the AirAsia brand? One of the main reasons they broke ties with VietJet was because of this, Jetstar Pacific also had a hard time too, even today the Jetstar branding for the airline is not inline with other subsidiaries (3K, JQ, GK) with the logo on the tail faded to grey instead of black. Jetstar may reject AirAsia's branding unless it is altered like theirs, the Vietnamese government is highly against the use of foreign brands for its airlines for some reason.
  14. Here's my 5 minute patch up job, I just think the current logo is very cheap, even a generic one on MS Powerpoint looks much better. The current Batik Air branding simply doesn't shout "premium", IMHO its more like a LCC and gives the perception of one (from a foreigner's point of view).
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