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  1. From AusBT: https://www.ausbt.com.au/malaysia-airlines-boeing-737-max-business-class-lie-flat-beds?utm_source=grid Seriously...they need lie-flat seats in business for a subset of the new 737MAX aircraft. They're going to use them for flights over 5 hours and quite a few of them are red-eyes. This is an opportunity not to be missed!
  2. Passengers who haven't done their research will be in for a big surprise (and then feel pissed off) when they find out how far Avalong airport is away from Melbourne.
  3. I love the A330. It's beautiful and quiet. No other aircraft (apart from the A380) surpassed it...until I flew on the A350! I hate the 787 and the 777 is do noisy.
  4. MH ranking dropped from 31 to 34 for the World Airline Awards this year. Seriously, I don't know how anyone can take Skytrax seriously when China Southern is ranked 14!
  5. Hardly anyone else gets the luxury of having a LCCT built for them to use. Please! Use the provided airport like everyone else does, for crying out loud!
  6. I'm actually glad they're holding on to the A380s a little bit longer. It really is a magnificent aircraft and still my favourite to fly in even after the A350 and the Nightmareliner. The A380 would also be very handy for those peak season flights because the A333 simply does not have enough capacity.
  7. Well, isn't the A321neo the closest replacement in terms of specs to the 757, which is why so many US airlines are ordering it?
  8. I thought the A332s were primarily being used to grow capacity on the routes where the 738s are now too small.
  9. Whatever the decisions behind keeping the A380s, ordering the A350s and leasing the A332s, the bottom line is that MH is growing capacity and expanding instead of shrinking, slashing and burning, and that can only be a good thing.
  10. The new SQ suites look fantastic! I hope I could try them one day.
  11. I, for one, am glad that they're kerping the A380s. It's a wonderful plane to fly in and still my favourite after flying the 787 and A350. The A350 is great for low season to LHR but definitely doesn't have enough capacity for peak season flights. Keeping them would also open up the possibility of offering First Class all the way from SYD/MEL to LHR and I know quite a number of people who want that kind of service.
  12. LHR isn't cheaper as a stopover destination. I personally would prefer going through HEL.
  13. The A332 to AKL makes sense. If they are struggling with the A333 on that route, the smaller A332 would be better and it also has better range and there shouldn't be any payload restrictions either.
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