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  1. MAG should have done this long ago. QF have pretty much perfected the strategy of the upmarket/low-cost model with QF and JQ in Australia and with international leisure markets.
  2. When is MH supposed to be getting their 737-MAX?
  3. The main criteria are the following: 1. Your original ticket was booked directly through and on AirAsia X (D7) even if there were connecting flights on AirAsia (AK) as part of the same itinerary/booking. 2. You booked the flights through your credit card. 3. You have evidence (emails or SMS) that D7 cancelled the flights and not you. 4. You have evidence that you tried dealing with D7 directly first following the cancellation of your flights and have proof that they have offered you a refund (even if it was still being "processed") or even a travel credit. 5. You still have the email that D7 sent out about their debt restructuring that stated that they could no longer offer or process any refunds or travel credits. If you have all that, you contact your cc provider directly and request for a charge-back or dispute a charge on the premise that you are NO LONGER RECEIVING THE GOODS/SERVICES that you'd paid for.
  4. The cc company has finally found in my favour in my case against D7. My evidence was pretty overwhelming really...
  5. So sad to hear about Asiana's situation. They are a great airline and I've always enjoyed flying with them.
  6. AirAsia X deserves to go bankrupt and they really don't deserve any lifelines or loans from anyone. They're a bunch of crooks! As a follow-up from my credit card (cc) chargeback for flights I was supposed to take with them to Phuket in September, the cc company found in favour of D7 based solely on "evidence" that D7 provided. They told the cc company that they did not cancel the flights and that I was a no-show, which meant I was not entitled to a refund. Seriously??! I have emails and SMSs informing me of the cancelled flights! That means they were the ones who cancelled the flights! Furthermore, they told the cc company that I'd contacted them to cancel my flights instead, which also meant that I wasn't entitled to a refund. Notice how they contradicted themselves? And then they even went on to say that I also wasn't entitled to a refund because they'd already offered me a travel credit! WTF?! They did no such thing! Blatant lies. I have emails proving that they were processing a refund and then they also sent me that email that said that they could no longer offer refunds or travel credits because they'd gone into voluntary administration or debt restructuring, which is what prompted me to do the chargeback. What a bunch of crooks! They deserve to burn in hell. Even MH have not been this devious in my dealings with them. Obviously, I've provided all my documents to the cc company that proves that D7 are lying so I'm pretty confident the outcome will be in my favour. I will NEVER EVER fly with D7 or AK again, even if they were offering free flights. I hope D7 dies, so that won't be an option. LOL!
  7. Love how they want to essentially write off their debts. We can't pay our debts so let's try not to pay it at all. Not surprising since they treat their customers the same way when it comes to refunds.
  8. Thanks for the link. I've just initiated a charge-back with my credit card that was used for these flights.
  9. Urgh. After waiting 3.5 months, I get an email from AK about their current financial situation and that they won't be processing any refunds or travel credits until they get their new loans. So, what happens? My case number for the cancelled flights gets closed, which means I'll have to wait to see if AK can secure new loans, and then start the whole refund process again, which is completely unacceptable, as that means at least another 3-4 months. Time for a credit card charge-back!
  10. All this hullabaloo explains why refunds are taking so long to process. I'm still waiting for a refund of about MYR7500 for flights D7 cancelled. Had another set of flights with AK worth about MYR850 but I'd be willing to let that be turned into a credit if they refuse to refund those (but will try for a refund first, of course).
  11. From AusBT: https://www.ausbt.com.au/malaysia-airlines-boeing-737-max-business-class-lie-flat-beds?utm_source=grid Seriously...they need lie-flat seats in business for a subset of the new 737MAX aircraft. They're going to use them for flights over 5 hours and quite a few of them are red-eyes. This is an opportunity not to be missed!
  12. Passengers who haven't done their research will be in for a big surprise (and then feel pissed off) when they find out how far Avalong airport is away from Melbourne.
  13. I love the A330. It's beautiful and quiet. No other aircraft (apart from the A380) surpassed it...until I flew on the A350! I hate the 787 and the 777 is do noisy.
  14. MH ranking dropped from 31 to 34 for the World Airline Awards this year. Seriously, I don't know how anyone can take Skytrax seriously when China Southern is ranked 14!
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