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  1. I know I am late abit but this is wonderfull news...congratulations
  2. Hello guys, It has been long time over the accident and some of reports has been released. According by the report; there is no any long touchdown or unstable landing configuration. Pilots says, a lightning hits the plane while short final and some of electronics devices effected but not mulfunction. Also aprroach conditions lost for a while. There was extremely bad weather in Istanbul at that day. (an eyewitness statement confirmed, while plane crossing over head on approach path he said the plane too low than usual path and engines roaring. Pilots also said that they lost altitude for a moment and open full throttle to catching path). After effected lightning, pilots decides to land immediatly and request from tower priority instead of circling or go around. Pilots also confirmed they accepted tailwind with the cause of situation. FDR reports said, normal touchdown and landing speed in limitation, runway lenght also enough whatever the conditions. After landed safely, deploys speed breaks and reversers, decelerates the plane into runway until 80knts, they decided to vacated end of runway but...plane doesn't slowdown and keeps the speed even they are using breaks cause of hydroplaning at that area with runway dirty surface. Then fells down to road level. I saw the wreckage 2 days later. There are two comclusion at the end of report; 1- Tower was not effective about to manage of this situation when wing gusting change and decreasing. They must be get certain decision, chease the traffic, change the runway direction the report says shortly. Also ATC reported the tail wind conditions and asked intentions to pilots in "Turkish". Pegasus crew were Turkish Captain, Holland Co-pilot.(I belive he was Korean, his name looks Korean) 2- Pegasus pilots CRM doesn't work properly in the cockpit. Communication was not clear and helpfull eachother. While Captain in Command, F/O managing the communication and did not understood what ATC said to them. At this moment, crew did not manage and discussed over the very important point about wind condition properly because Captain was busy to use plane, F/O was not able to understand of the ATC report in Turkish. While medical controls after accident and continues on investigation, unfortunatelly doctors has been found brain tumor in F/O that he doesn't know before. He went back to Netherland. Captain arrested from causing death and went to jail for a while then he released to be tried without arrest. Trial still continue. Turkish Pilot Association also released press bulletin about " If there is no intentional intent, pilots cannot be directly responsible for fatalities. "
  3. Istanbul New Airport official video; Runway lights on first time; Construction phase; First landing by President Erdogan (he was on the cockpit and after landed speeches to officers on common frequency) Latest contidions of the airport at August;
  4. I couldn't follow MW for a while (at least 6 months) because of my life was a bit hard about job conditions. Tonight, I had free time and I wanted to check out MW and..... I really sad about heard/read that. Peter was a real fellow who never know distance between countries and always trying to help as can as he gets. He never forget me when take a picture of any TK planes. My deepest condolences to his precious wife, his family and friends. We will miss him. Rest in peace "Uncle Peter".
  5. The Cargo operator is ACT Cargo which is one of AirCargo companies in Turkey. They are operating a fleet formed with A300 and B747-400. The flight was onbehalf Turkish Airlines operated by ACT cargo as like wetlease by Turkish Airlines.(thatswhy flight number begins TK...) Some of reports says that, the crash has been occured while go around (CATIIIb conditions) but there is no further detailed information. CVR and FDR have been found.
  6. hmmm...it is very serious threat about aviation safety. they must be find him as soon as possible because of he is able to cheating them as well.
  7. Housekeeping works as well!....no stain! (Ong, they are excellent shots!)
  8. For today, only in SAW and only PGS planes. Maybe in future they could be expand other hub ADB (Izmir, Adnan Menderes) and more frequently flights destination. But nowadays somethings wrong in PGS. CEO has been changed at the beginning of this year. Last week suddenly, PGS gets some critical decisions about management level changed or retired, older "flyer" managers to turn back flight line (cockpit), then salary cuts of cabin crews and dismissals of ground service staff. (for cabin crew offers about salary cut and less work days like as part time or dismissals). Rumours says that, PGS is going on decrease cause of Turkish Aviation market shrinks after coup attempt and some financial rates.
  9. But PGS "on time" rating is not much perfect compare by THY. It's true, PGS is very powerfull budget airline in Turkey and every months two more aircraft joining the fleet, now they have own ground service companies. Does it work to connection or continue to flight as seperate airlines via SAW? yes, does work but you have to get some risk to wait more than expected, especially peek sessions or official holidays.
  10. Turkish Airlines want to sell their old A340s from the fleet before scrapping and Iran is seems like good market. They don't have a plan to buy A340, but I'm sure if THY offers low price than second hand lists, both of side would be wins. Years ago, if I'm not mistaken Turkish Airlines has been sold 7 A310(-200/-300) to Iran (Iranair and Mahan) in two parts while sanction in force.
  11. wow! very impressive colorfull scheme. Excellent shots, great.
  12. Excellent shots, I loved them!
  13. He was a precious person who written his name as "golden letters" on aviation history. Rest in peace p.s KS Ong, I borrowed your picture on my forum page with under your credits information.
  14. I know, but it seems like to be good on the plane ..... " a mysterious palace on the sky"
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