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  1. If i recall last time before they took the 6 A332. For A333 to AKL 3 rows of economy class seats are blocked with no passengers plus 0 commercial cargo freight on the lower compartment. The A333 can be flown up to 10 hour routes which does not include additional flying time for 2 landing attempts, diversion to alternate airport(45min to 1hour) and maybe 15-20minutes of extra loitering time.
  2. Yes but the return flight is splendid LOL. Anyways all these stuff where manufacturers say product x and y can go bazzilion miles is actuallly based on optimum condition like maybe predicted headwinds of not more than 40knots. Maybe light interior fitting etc and definitely a low to light moderate passenger density config. It was one of the sole reason people got sceptic when airasia wanted to do an all KL direct to London with an 377 seater A339neo. Even french bee A359 with more than 400 passengers has some significant performance restriction in its range.
  3. No but its been shared by another pilot on a middle eastern based airline heading to turkey. Again seasonal winds are usually one of the issues with long haul.
  4. This is the near direct headwind that persisted for nearly 2.5hours for the westbound trip yesterday at 101knots!. Technically anything past Austria, Poland, Italy requires some adjustment to the commercial payload for the A339Neo now made worse with the instability with Iran and Ukraine there's not a lot of direct straight tracking. Again unless MH consistently flies with less than 220 pax on the intended westbound routes then there should be no issues even down to LHR AMS or even Nordic or to start from BKK with even greater safe margins.
  5. Vn has just issued out an rfp to lease 4 narrowbody aircraft short term with tenure to start between June to late october. Vietnam Airlines issues Summer 2024 wet-lease RFP The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) has already said that the country's airlines are currently facing a severe shortage of aircraft, noting that 42 aircraft will be taken out of service this year for engine inspections. Those PW Leaps are also causing problems to Cebu Pacific. Not sure how Scoot will handle their E-2's along with SKS. Its also the same story for the A220. Embraer less affected by Pratt engine issues but not immune, executive says
  6. Some were arguing to instead operate an all a350 widebody fleet for simplification. While if we take out the long delivery queue issue from airbus and etc. Operating an all a350 would expensive especially on the shorter regionals and domestic seasonal peak upgrades. The A350 while already a B777-200 killer is still an expensive plane to operate under Malaysia's current market trend compared to the old days of cheap fuel and less competition. In the end it still needs a smaller variant of either the A339 or B789. And in terms of unit cost to procure the plane the A339 is the cost advantage.
  7. The A330neo is definitely on cost ground. Airbus was the only one willing to offset the A380 and even discounted the A330neo frames significantly over the 789. Then there's persisting contracts that is related to industry wide chain for Malaysia such as Mindef etc that have to be taken upon. If MH were to take all 787 they'll be a problem for some of the long haul flights. Most of the long haul 789 operators are on low density config. As the aircraft comes with limitation to the aircrafts mtow with the required amount of passengers that Malaysia intends to bring for long haul flights. The A359 has such less burden with higher commercial payload allowance and higher weights. In the end it still has to take both 787 and a350s. The A339 plus A359 pairing seems to make sense in terms of commonality rating and range utilization. But the A339 would lose out to the 789 when it is paired side by side on the same routes in operating cost.
  8. Most of the issues is not related to wages but the scheduling itself. Everyone knows its not financially feasible to go neck to neck for gulf level pay but scheduling itself is something that can actually be remitted but is constantly ignored. Other airlines are only giving tech crew about maybe 1-2 days worth of standby's some even with allowance. Over at MAG you can have up to one guy having 10-12 days standby in 1 calendar month without any allowance. Worse cant go anywhere on standby except waiting at the closest mamak/kopitiam store for callup. Some of the rumors on why management is not keen on stabilizing scheduling is just due to the fact board is asking for everyone to be in participation mode(so called reported for work even though NOT REQUIRED). But the global aviation industry has already mandated you cannot lock tech crew, engineers as the same as office people where everyone has a punchcard hours and KPI. Then with the issue of salary itself our neighboring Asean have all gone up adjusting the payscale post pandemic to match or try to peg it with USD to counter the bleeding of crew towards the giants. Malaysia on the other hand as a whole is going the towards the other direction and i am sure it will result in continuous pressure on safety and service quality towards customers. Technically Malaysia as a whole has a problem with all this chinamen like companies and taukehs that has also been passed on to the private sectors and now GLCs in many related industries. With the country still focusing on low wage labor, manufacturing downline and limited exposure and interest to STEM R&D based subjects plus a GOV who has no proper revenue stream, it wont bold well long term.
  9. The old plan from 2021 was to dispose almost 40% of the a330ceos in 2025 and all of them to exit in 2027. But now with them saying they need 50 widebody total and them not giving any timeline to firm up the extra 20options for the a330neo(even if they did they wont arrive by 2027 or later) its no brainer they have to retain quite a number of the old a330ceos to hold the fort for at least 5 years or in worse case seek out 2nd hand frames if its expensive to renew leases.
  10. Too far out to actually firm something. E.G the max 8 severely delayed scheduling timeline. Note last year dec they said 4 a330neos to come in 2024 now its changed to 3. Looking at how aircraft deliveries have been missing the mark consistently. The worse possible scenario one has to consider is maybe MH will only receive 2 frames this year. AKL being put far out also is to have more breathing room to make changes to scheduling.
  11. Not mistake the 330ceo to 330neo comes with a bit of revision on the galleys, crew seating, lavatory to allow 1 row of seats by default. Then with those herringbone config for business class. That slanting position allows the airline to maintain somewhat the same amount of seats while maintaining 1-2-1 seating arrangement while previous iteration has been mix with only a few throne seats. Though am not really a fan of the claustrophobic wall partition unless its roomy like a suite. Cx collins diamond though with dull color at least does not feel claustrophobic as not much enclosement.
  12. It is confirmed that they'll be flown on domestics though not sure for how long. Anyone out here ought to monitor the ticketing website and snoop around for the month of october. Commercial sectors likely to be flown for domestic will be KCH, PEN, BKI. On another note i am not sure if there is need to do the restricted and unpredictable CAM proving flight. Back then 9M-MAB was flown on KUL-BKI-KCH-KUL with CAM folks onboard to certify the a350.
  13. Expect Domestic and some Asean flights around Oct. to mid nov. Though am not sure if they will be loaded into the ticketing system like the trials A350 last time.
  14. Product video shown on Airbus's Linkedin video Kabin pesawat A330neo Malaysia Airlines Noticed Songket motif wau is no longer used unlike the announcement order video a while back.
  15. I think the largest it can go for economy is 15.0 and that depends on which sort of economy class seat is installed as well. Most ife makers are now sitting at 11.0 to 13.3inch as standard offering for economy. Meanwhile the previous generation ifes are within 8 to 10inches. Meanwhile smartphones are ballooning the screen sizes. I mean it is difficult to find a flagship phone with 6.0 screen. At samsung even the budget to mid range models are going fod 6.6 now. Meanwhile even the ipad pros are getting larger which actually makes it not portable friendly.
  16. 17.0 inch for business class 13.3 inch screen for economy Ife vendor rumored to be Safran Rave with resolution bump to 4k and wireless headphone capability.
  17. Seems demo seats of both economy and business class will be available on the upcoming matta fair with fully working IFE.
  18. Malaysia Airlines reveals new Airbus A330-900 business and economy seats The Business class seats are the Collins Aerospace Elevation seats, the same seats used in British Airway’s Clubworld and Etihad Airways A350 Business Studio long-haul products. It features individual doors, which gives passengers a better sense of privacy when the doors are closed. The seats will be arranged in a 1-2-1 layout, with each seat having aisle access – an upgrade to the current layout in the MAS A330 family. Each seat will have a large entertainment screen and wireless charging stations – a first for Malaysia Airlines. For economy, Malaysia Airlines has chosen the award-winning Recaro CL3810 Economy Class seat. While still unspecified, the in-flight entertainment (IFE) system for Economy Class will see an upgrade, especially for the IFE screens. The display looks to be bigger than what MAS has for economy passengers in the current A330-300. The seat covers throughout the cabin will feature the airline’s signature songket motif, paying homage to Malaysia’s cultural heritage by seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary style, similar to the design concept of the seats in the Boeing 737-8.
  19. Hints economy class is also having a makeover and will also be installed on the 350s Y class.
  20. Malaysia Aviation Group posts first annual net profit in a decade Net profit finally. Hopefully this momentum is maintained or improved.
  21. I think everything is adhoc until the new terminal comes. From the looks of it a mall will be build that connects the train station directly to the new terminal that is build on bulldozed site where the GA former hangars and t2 building was.
  22. Subang airport revamp will produce 8.7 billion gross output a year once completed
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