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  1. 1st batch of handover Bki-twu Bki-kch Vice vesa. Bki-sdk not sorted due to insufficient aircraft. 1 aircraft with no spare based in BKI in may doing BKI-TWU-BKI-KCH-MYY-KCH-BKI until end of July. If some issue were to happen in between which i guarantee will happen regardless how spotless or brand new aircraft is. It's going to be the same airasia and myairline domino effect retiming+delay scams again.
  2. Looks like 1 aircraft AOG after 2 rtbs out of MYY has cause some domino cancellation+retiming. Meanwhile 2 spare aircrafts at hangar none of them towed out to be rescue aircraft probably due to documentation and certs not yet sorted.
  3. All of mh a333 have the same max take off weight of 233 tonnes. For the ex airberlin here comes the rojak MTU MTV are 230tonnes MTW to MTZ are 233 tonnes. We can see the a332 has near same take off weight as the a333 with the benefit of an extra fuel tank and still carries the similar passengers without any penalty. Looking at the equipment chart 6 a332 have nearly 4 different equipment fitting its very messy how Air Berlin operates. Stuff like oxygen mask time limits differ, standby instrument model differ, weather radar model, safety equipment location, etc.. one has to constantly be aware which a332 they're in and the differences it has over the others. Meanwhile Airasia x a333s have higher mtow of 235tonnes and some having 238tonnes.
  4. A330neo that mh is configuring should be standard rated for nearly 12.5hours(11hour sectors not including the extra fuel for holding diverting alt contingency). Kul-Akl ranges from 9hour 10minutes fastest to 11hour 40minute longest due to head/tailwind condition. That's the reason MH load restricted(nearly 30seate blocked with no passenger) the a330-300 initially before handing it to the a330-200/a350 for the auckland sectors. The a330-200 comes with one extra fuel tanks standard equipped. Technically a330neo suits AKL more economically over the a350. It is not a very premium segment when compared to NRT/LHR/HND i last heard.
  5. The thing is 30" on the 738 and even maswings atr72 was not that tight. Either some row of the seats are not actually purr 30inches for the a332. The seat i sat on was row 38.
  6. For me legroom is also a must. Suffered inside the ex air berlin a332 on a 2 hour flight. Did not appreciate having both my knees against the front seat lol. Imagine taking that horribly awful seat to auckland on economy. Even the express bus i took in my younger days was not like that.
  7. Ex PER is not really cargo heavy. So far i did not hear much issue regarding cargo offloading from there. I know OD previously did some retiming shifting for perth departure due to hot temperature for the 738 but it may be due to the fact that OD equips them with 22k thrust rated engine vs 26k on MH. Afaik 737-800 are to be flown within Asean while the maxes will be flown on mostly 6hours or less sectors. There were plans to send the max on even longer flights from other stations like BKI but those plans were long ago. Knowing how volatile MH is when it comes to actual planning we may have to take everything with a grain of salt. Back to topic, In terms of the new cabin refitting FY's upcoming aircrafts will be delivered with the safran seats. With plans of total 8 aircraft by this year end. Meaning it may have 3 aircrafts with older seats and 5 with the orange safran seats.
  8. I last saw 25 737-8 firm orders and 25 additional options. Part of the 25 options includes potential conversion to max 10. 2019 Mh was keen on having at least 10 units of 737-10/max10. The only issue for the 25 optional orders is whether mh has funds to honor them by 2025. In terms of range the max 10 still has less range than the max 8 but flies slightly further than the 737-800 with almost 30 additional passengers by about 150nmi. Quite different policy by Airbus whereas the a321neo flies way further than the a320neo. In terms of 737-800 vs 737-max8 the range upgrade is significant by 500nmi or nearly 1.5hours of additional flight time. All in all the small extra margin of range on the max 10 is enough for mh to not consider offloading cargo at least compared to the 737-800. Still not sure what mh is going to market them as. For SQ they drop the max its all 737-8 now. Probably with the public scare mh will probably do the same.
  9. A20N can fly 6hours just not in the current config ak is planning. Mumbai, delhi, tehran is unrecheable. Ak can only reach up to far east india. Yeap same seat model Safran z110 only mh comes with the regional recliner J z500. The a320neo can fly 6hours just not in the 188pax configuration. The a321neo can fly further than the 737max though as it comes with 3 additional fuel tank than the 320neo. Same case with the 738 vs 739er. The 739er comes standard equip with an additional fuel tank flies slightly further. India J demand is there hence why it will be mixmode of 330 and 73M. The max 10 config comes with more business class that are full lie flat meant for these sort of flights. But with the certification issue not sure if MH can take them in the intended time.
  10. MH 737 fleet by 2025 est 20-25est b737-800 reconfigured. Other 737-800 will exit. (Fy will also take some of the reconfigured 737-800.) 15 737-max8 There's also 25 737-max8, 10 737-max10 options with no confirmed timeline of entry. MH has no plan to retain any of the IFE fitted 737-800. As for the max8 not much is known about the cabin but i expect it to be the same non IFE enabled. Looking at current narrowbody trends in Asia with the only exception being SQ. China, Korea and Japan carriers are forgoing IFE's on their narrowobody for WIFI streaming instead. Note Mh plans to use max8 and max 10 on up to 4-6hour routes on places such as Perth, Dhaka, Banglore, Hydrebad, Kochi, Chennai, Kathmandu. Previously these sectors were frequently being highlighted problematic by the 737-800 limited payload which results in courier/pax cargo being offloaded when there's strong headwind or hot weather season. One of the reason ak has issues sending 188seater a320neo to those places as well. The 737max also allows MH to add additional frequency flights to Mumbai, Delhi, Guangzhou which are operated by a330s. Also allows MH to reestablish places such as Canberra, Darwin where the a330 is too big for. The a330neo+a350 or total widebody plan of 33unit meant MH can actually add more flights on the current widebody international trunk routes with very small margin to try out newer routes.
  11. That was what everyone at ak and mh asked for years to endorse/subsidise it. Mh took a bit chunk of its own expenses to do it. The gov was not keen. Now if they mh wants to transfer to FY the certification has to be own its own expenses. Also this nay overlap into the issue with some of the RAS service. Certification costs quite a lot was one of the reason MASwings retained the MH code and most of the organizational procedures etc. Theres annual recurrency exams by IATA to be conducted on most employees and everything. Ak so far has attempted some of the certification like frozen dry materials. Not sure if they wanna take all the current cert that MH has.
  12. Its not really a conductive environment for MH to operate in if it wants to go to the early 2000s premium unfortunately. For TG the thai royal family is still keeping it close to heart. Pricing wise last time i quote a coursemate 2018 that flying to London should be 4-6k for economy, he say its expensive and quoted the old days of transiting though Etihad for rm1.8k return. But many refuse to take account the idea of direct vs transit. Malaysia itself precovid nobody wants to pay the USD 100 per hour global standard. Does not help almost 80% of your economy class customers are hovering at the RM2.5K monthly gross income. Buying power is the major issue and also even if we do improve the income many will still opt go low ball. It also does not help our gov through many iterations has not been trying to coax high paying tourism and it sorting to mass family friendly tourism which in the global scene is now trending towards the LCC. Sq and to some extent TG still can command the high paying crowd on the front end cabin and fly with less than 100 pax on a b777-300ER and still make profit vs a 200 pax filled a330 struggling here and for d7 i last heard needing 330++ pax on certain sectors to break even. As for FY transfer people may not see it now or are impatient that the transfer is slow or not the full domestic takeover. But note if FY does fully takeover domestic a lot of convenience is gone for good. Wanna take your pets from east to west msia? nah cant do Wanna transport medical and radioactive equipment to the east? nah cant do Wanna fly vaccines? nah cant do Wanna fly chemical or ICT electronics component? nah cant do Wanna fly construction material? nah cant do Wanna do logistic to ferry entertainment for concerts? nah cant do Wanna fly sick person for immediate treatment? nah cant do Wanna do logistic for Jabatan Pertanian or Haiwan in east msia? nah cant do Some of the stuff MH transport on the daily basis are not in tonnes and are required daily on belly 737 passenger flights. Something dedicated freighters will put very low priority on. FY as a whole cant do either of this and it seems management is not keen to do the full certification to take it due to costs. Same as why Ak never bothered to. Its also the reason MH is not keen to let go most of the east to west msia sectors to FY but will only transfer the inter flights as it will affect the supply logistics as a whole in east Malaysia.
  13. The 13 aircraft were planned once most of the non trunk domestic routes in sabah sarawak and peninsula were transferred from MH. Also for regional leisure expansion they were looking at 19 737s. At the current rate it seems MYairline is moving way quicker. As for malindo/batik Quite a few more 73max are due for them this year along with the 2 ex d7 a333. Potential plan may see them holding up to 27 jet aircrafts this year end.
  14. Aircraft no5 should be coming in soon cant say if its MLI or not. Still no news on aircraft no6. Note more than a year ago they estimate that they will have 13 aircraft by this year end. Well they're still sitting with 4 with only signs of them getting up to no 6 this year end. Its always nice planning but slow or totally different execution lol. Bki base est opening june this year with bki-kch planned. Not sure if bki-sdk/bki-twu will launch this year or not. Meanwhile Daddy Rudi can just top up quite a lot of 737max and now can shop a333 flexibly for Batik Malaysia.
  15. Service now halted, Loke says KLIA aerotrains at end of lifespan and will take two years to replace "We must remember that KLIA was opened in 1998. So today, it will have been almost 25 years. "So of course the aerotrains are now reaching the end of their lifespan,” he said. https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2023/03/03/service-now-halted-loke-says-klia-aerotrains-at-end-of-lifespan-and-will-take-two-years-to-replace/57847 Guna sampai rosak. Baru je plan nak replace LOL. Next in queue MAG's ATR-72s operating past 10 years old. All corvette class ships in the navy operating close to 40 years. 50% of the fast attack craft in the navy.
  16. Just checked Changi's airside skytrain. Came to service in 1990. Replacement fitted in 2006. As of 2022 another replacement plan for 2024 installation. Not include additional trains that were added in 2002 and 2012. Trains averagely replaced by 16 years of age. KLIA aerotrain 1998 commencement. Only actual replacement happening in 2025 by then the trains are easily 27 years old lol. Note bombardier recommends retirement for the said model by age 20. So we are basically extending the lifespan of this train by 5 years now.
  17. Not to worry the replacement trains will arrive in 2025. We have 4 sets of gov and now the 5th. No one bats an eye to approve mahb in replacing the aerotrain since 2014. But no issues with administering staff bonuses. Sip of copium.
  18. The LCA/FIT batch 1 financing has already been approved by mof. Its something either gov has to follow due to the defense white paper briefing timeline. What we need to see is whether batch 2 will be approved o not. Asset coverage of east msia is still inadequate if batch 2 is not granted. Just today I've received an video recording of China warship requesting the Philippines coast guard to exit their so called control zone in the shoal reef. All the radio transmission recorded by MH flight crew that were flying back to msia from japan lol. Expect to see stuff like this intensify sadly. While the FA-50 does not really replace the mig-29 in terms of speed its still a lot faster than mach 0.8 bae hawk lol. Also noted KAI has confirmed msia will be receiving block 20. Which means aerial refuel, targeting sniper, anti ship+sub will he fitted on it. The SU-30MKM and FA-18D has just undergone service extension up to 2035. So probably no replacement planned. RMAF however was asking the gov to consider taking used hornets to at least make them a 12-18 total instead of the current 8. Future MRCA if cost is a major concern it would probably favour the f-35 over the superhornets. Though i am not a fan of single engines people are more keen trust on its ability that will trade off the single engine limitation.
  19. Hoping it will be block 20. It at least alleviate the duties of the Sukhou and hornets having to constantly ship back forth to east Malaysia. Also to at least MOU batch 2 of 18 units. TUDM was asking for 36. Batch 2 puma heli was also scrapped.
  20. One of our very senior Malaysianwings member Captain Radzi flew it at a comparable flight hours in december. But i suspect this is the flight that Daviation was talking about.
  21. Bki thailand direct requires strong consistent local support(non tourism) which currently it does not. Even flights to Jakarta and Bali direct have failed consistently. It is noted Sabah has very weak Asean connection as usually these segments are not tourist oriented but rely more towards work industry related as in the case for PEN. But Sabah has been very weak in pushing anything outside of tourism/agriculture.
  22. Its pretty much same for airlines in Indonesia and MH. Foreign competitors offering sign on bonuses ranging from rm100k to sometimes rm300k which is easy fo waive off your bond debt. Salary standard monthly gross of rm14k ish is now potentially usd 18k-25k ish gross with housing rental allowance not yet added. Some even offer spouse and children allowance if you opt to bring them over. Ability to select balance lifestyle for okayish usd salary or choosing super high work hours hours for more(something no airlines in msia and indon has offered). Indonesia tried to block the exodus by implementing the "i dont recognize the hours you fly overseas" except nobody bothers and still go overseas lol. Some carriers in America argued its not level field playing that some rich airlines can just tap into the hr pool that easily but failed to coax its own local to join. Other airlines ended up spending resources to handle the turnover.
  23. Raya seems to be moving out to KLIA this year end. The current Cargo apron(not owned by raya/transmile) has the capability to handle 14 a320/737s. However the office and hangars are under Raya ownership. No way Airod or Fy hangars will give way to allow expansion from the current turboprop terminal+apron. Also it seems this project if it actually comes to fruition will be subjected to curfew like any other city airports. Few things the MOT has to settle namely the road accessibility. The jams in subang at 4pm++ towards sunway Puchong can be crazy. Then there's the KTM frequency but this can be easily sorted out compated to the roads.
  24. Pretty much the same on Redcap and OD. Working in the airline industry in Msia, you're either underpaid for the work you did than neighboring peers in Asean, undervalued, not protected, forced to penny count for the company. Then imagine someone from Gulf comes and flashes you rm100-150k to exit your debt bond and monthly non taxable salary in USD, nearly half who are approached would gradually jump. Then the local airlines in msia have to forkout large last min sums to do type rating for the freshies. Its the same sentiment for the office private business segment with inflation up but salaries and balance life/work not catching up. Client/Customers well being not thought off and hospitality % is degrading. Only minor leeway we see is Myairline but we'll see how long they can water down. The Gov after undergoing 4 changes in the meantime is parroting the same autopilot phrase instead of solving the issue hands on. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2023/01/20/airlines-urged-to-focus-on-operations-to-avoid-delays
  25. From my visual observation in KLIA, most of OD targets pax are from South and Central Asia and almost half of them continuing towards Australia. A pretty lucrative niche market when compared to them struggling to fill up the frequency demanding but low yield domestic Malaysia market.
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