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  1. AFAIK they are not certified to carry dangerous goods category 10 etc. This involves medical equipment and military equipment, power generators, lithium and so on. So lots of heavy duty items will not be in the cargohold. To be certified for it also involves a lot of money and training and exams set by iata for all tech crew and ground crew to undergo. A lot of lcc and some flag carriers did not went through this. Which explains why some overseas countries are hiring foreign based airlines for cargo charter now. Their very own local airline may not he certified to carry special items.
  2. AirAsia securities trade suspended pending additional information from company https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/airasia-securities-trade-suspended-pending-additional-information-company Not entering as PN17 yet. Company needs approx MYR2bil to stay afloat. Noted during MCO a lot of LCCs like AirAsia Group, LionAir and NokAir have not being doing much belly freight operations nor p2p cargo compared to flag carriers in ASEAN. Probably due to limited dangerous goods item and radioactive medical equipment they could carry. Which contributed to poor revenue.
  3. MPs call British Airways 'a national disgrace' for attempt to cut staff conditions https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-britain-iag/lawmakers-label-british-airways-national-disgrace-over-jobs-idUSKBN23J38I
  4. Insurance is one of the main issue in Asean for aviation. Lot of the wreckage back in the hangar i used to work still up to today has not been settled. While a lot of people in developed countries have proper premium for catastrophic accidents. But even with that twin engine turboprops like otters and Dorniers are still the main pipeline used by commercial operators in Alaska unless its purely on call charter. Also note on winter heavy cancelation and service reduction usually occurs.
  5. You mentioned GA can take the calculated risk of using single engine fixed wing aircraft. But as of today there are 0 single engine fixed wing aircrafts operating for GAs or commercial airliners in Malaysia and neither any of them are interested in ordering any. Not in Sabah Air, Layang-Layang, Hornbill, not in Westar. Sabah air is also keen in adding a new viking or dornier ng to the fleet but never mentioning anything on any single engine planes. The last time i heard Sabah air had issues claiming insurance the bell 206 crash that killed the pilot til today. Insurance does not want to payout cause they know the single engine is not reliable. We also have the bell 412 crash that was chartered by Petronas that also entered into insurance dispute and quite a few deceased occupants unable to claim full payout as well because they sign the indemnity form which is common in GA. Petronas charter nowadays are fully fixed on using Agusta Westland twin engine helicopters. Puma heli gearbox and engine reliability issue and few ga operators went a bust like MHS and Awan inspirasi as Petronas and Shell wont use the helicopters The only exception of single engine operator is flying schools and flying clubs where pilots must take the single engine syllabus or to fill up their single engine hours. It further adds up to the issue where more funds is needed for RAS as usual. Unless somehow the risk of higher ocurances of crashing and the issue of tech crew to leaving the company due to pay dispute is removed, Twin engine fixed wing turboprop and helicopter is here to stay.
  6. Discovery Channel Asia actually went scouting years back. They requested for the AS355 but the 2 AS355 were fully utilised for the Medevec and consensus tracking. The Bell 206 on the other hand could not mount the heavy 75mm and 35mm digital 3d cams for aerial filming. Asked for fix wing aircraft we only have antique Nomad available while the Kingair is already fully booked in Semenanjung aerial survey. Believe it is also the same issue with next door Layang-Layang. Sometimes you wonder our own local GAs are quite inept to provide to foreign charters. Prc tycoons coming in to office with a bag filled with nearly Rm30k cash requesting immediate ferry flight from kk to Sepilok and then towards maliau basin reserve for some holiday. But when you look at the hangar there's no suitable equipment available. Quite incontrast with hornbill skyways in Sarawak where they have a lot of proper equipment up and ready for deployment.
  7. Those float 206 were only used once in 2014 and 2015 😆. Both used for Natgeo filming. Infact even the non amphibious bell 206s have also been sitting idling along with one broken wreckage 206 from a previous crash incident. Sat on b206 once i don't want to sit on it again AS355 still okay with 20knot wind.
  8. I think TImothy was also checking on the viability of float aircrafts. As some rural airfield stations are too far from the nearest village in Sarawak. Believe Otters fitted with floats have been studied years ago but kind of forgotten the outcome provided by DCA and state gov. And yes the floaters will have to be 2 engined.
  9. Nope it was an EC-145 and one filipino registered EC-135. And note the rtb rate was very bad the rural folks were complaining. There was talk to relocate them more towards Keningau where there is medical and logistic access and less wastefull for state funds. Many of them refused. All preferring to stay in Pensiangan. It is also noted majority of them refused to open up and take some entrepreneur based job. Kids also refusing to take up education. Rm200 book voucher given, instead they buy loads of cigarettes packs. Teachers sent in all giving up. Yet if we abandon them they wont vote for state and start complaining on human rights issue. This is the issue were having with majority of the rural community. More towards east, Kinabatangan highway was one projects being halted because of green group complaining. People residing there are pissed and guess how many elephants were poisoned and orang utans beaten up in east Sabah annually by oil palm workers and farmers. I would also prefer a balanced synergy with minimum wastage but as of now both operation requirement and financial sustainability is just isn't there. Indonesia itself susi air is unable to recruit locals most of them are expats all the horror stories we hear from the crew working over there. You'd be shock how Directorate General of Civil Aviation indonesia functions even with all the ample improvements they made post 2014 and note now our very own CAM is also being downgraded for an abundunce of issue relating to lack of manpower and oversight.
  10. Take a look at susi air how many of their pilatus porter went down. Mas fokker, atr and otters had few cases of engine failure and they all circled back with one engine without needing to write off any frame or grand insurance payout to dead folks. If you had one engine n it fails you have to ditch. Ask around the crew working in GA over here nobody is keen on single engine turborprop and helicopters. So many bell 206 crew had vacated for augsta westland aw139 and aw109 even if the payrate is lower. Even Maswings had issues recruiting crew for the viking fleet last year and had to make salaries competitive to near widebody fleet levels to keep them cause people just leave. People are scared to fly in the topography and weather in Borneo. Heck i rode on a twin engine airbus helicopter for medicine resupply and census recording in rundum and experience 2 rtbs on 2 consequtive days just because of weather. Doctors and nurses are not keen on riding it again as well. Try getting a fleet cesna grand caravan single crew rated(CAAM DOES NOT ALLOW THIS)and keep low salary. You want a better plan build road highways that dun screw up the flora and fauna.
  11. Single engine does not work. Really buzz my mind why would anyone think of using single engine turboprop for ras with commercial pax onboard, insurance comes in mind cuz the rates of this type of planes going down is higher. Its okay if it was just flying doctors or mail goods delivery service. Even GA operators like Hornbil, Sabah Air and Layang-layang in Sabah Sarawak operates small twin engines turboprops. Nowadays You have turbo commander, viking otters, dornier serving well in ras pax sectors and some can be converted to floaters.
  12. jahur

    BKI 2020

    University Student movement due to covid. 9M-MTZ and 9M-MTV deployed while 9M-MTF is operating on behalf on Maskargo. Some of them were flown on RMAF A400M. Its been a long time seeing 3 A330s all together in BKI.
  13. Close it down no problem. Be sure to maintain flights and sectors and avoid killing off 50k worth of employment in the ecosystem. At the moment you cant it will involve network cut of at least 5-10 years if it were to be passed to a new airline. That's why there were thoughts on merging AAGB and MAG as it would minimise this issue. Meanwhile Thai, Philippines and Garuda will be receiving aid from their respective govs.
  14. jahur

    BKI 2020

    Antonov 124 just landed a while ago.
  15. Should enable ffp collection and interconnecting plus codeshare for domestic and international. But if it ends up like ak's no frills selection plus space flex seat no thanks.
  16. The cargo market wasn't lucrative prior to Covid. It was doing pretty good in 2005-2012 then everything then went down in size. The cargo today have been trimmed down in size and weight. Even SQ downsized their cargo ops and removed all 747BCFs and were previously seeking to offload 2-3 B744Fs. The cargo airlines that can handle the heat in Asia is Cathay and Korean Air Cargo. But i do agree that 9M-MUC should not be sold it had the right capacity.
  17. 50% break even must mean the aux income sales have them well covered. The block middle seat should be the social distancing. For now i think it should be okay to resume domestic after mco for the month of May and June. The main problem will be international flights unless all inbound pax are hauled up for quarantine on arrival as per mco requirement. Expect this to be the norm until other countries stop reporting new covid clusters.
  18. Just saw the news. Domestic flights in Malaysia permitted with 50% passenger load only(Middle seat to be blocked). Goodluck to ALL AIRLINES that don't run break even margin with half load.
  19. New Alitalia launches in June. 100% gov owned now. https://onemileatatime.com/alitalia-relaunch/?fbclid=IwAR0o_ptm3RiEWYCRJ0Nq5Ws48ljKl0BLzd8oAs1oi9KFi_hvvMocmGUhFb4 From gov owned and back to privatization and now back to gov owned again. Last made profit in 1998. Heard something similar is happening to Thai and Garuda as well.
  20. There was also small news that he is planning to bring EU into court for subsidising and rescuing airlines affected by covid lol. https://www.irishtimes.com/business/transport-and-tourism/ryanair-may-legally-challenge-eu-state-bailouts-for-national-carriers-1.4237144
  21. Ryanair will not return to flying if middle seat must be empty, says chief. https://www.ft.com/content/ddb067bd-c54d-49cd-be1c-bda77f8b8527 66% load cant break even lol.
  22. Its dead at the moment. They were cleaning up after Pakatan tookover but then they had squabble with ngos etc over the destruction of the old trees and no word whether the private land condos etc are still on the move or not. I used to come here and after planespotting to do a short stroll you can literally see a small group of hornbills and green colored birds on top the trees near the food stalls and a lot of japanese photographers used to visit here to spot birds but now japanese are also avoiding here due to Prc influx. Tun Fuad Stephen park is abandoned as well. Previous gov was too busy gentrifying for shiny stuffs without taking a look at how Langkawi manages their beaches. New gov was also mum on it. The only place i can something similar now is Shang-Ri La Rasa Ria resort at dalit bay lol.
  23. Yes its not sustainable. The real question comes should we urbanise east peninsula and east malaysia at expense of our flaura and fauna. Look at covid. Because of the good highway in the west so many are bringing potential covid infection from the mco two weeks ago. Air travel is more environmentally friendly over highways and high migration volume of people going back and fort on the road.
  24. I can predict what a few of them will say. Pls back up a large xray storage compartment in lahad datu, and long pasia etc. Build a specialist hospital in pensiangan. Pay extorbitant fees to doctors to stay in the interior to give excellent medical care no need for helicopter medevec. Dont bother about the orang utans and pygmy elephants and the flaura fauna around borneo they're expendable, urbanisation is more important look at how fine peninsula is doing with all the dead tapirs and tigers killed due to loss of habitat and migration. See how relax we are with the sumatran rhino being extinct.🤣
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