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  1. Nice catch! I miss spotting in SYD.
  2. Agree with KK Lee. MH BTPs have always been great on paper, so I'll believe it only when I see it.
  3. Sourced from http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/another-qantas-jet-forced-to-make-emrgency-landing/story-e6frfq80-1225948614481
  4. You're right. Leased by Tasman Cargo Airlines to operate for DHL Express AU. Another workhorse in the shed.
  5. Good stuff, Kip! Keep them coming
  6. thanks for the coverage and sharing the pics guys!
  7. Indeed very interesting how D7 is getting away with the cheeky "from $xx" fare advertising. I would at least imagine a couple of complaints being lodged to the ACCC when they couldn't get the so-called cheap fares! http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/815334
  8. Good point. At the end of the day, it's up to us the consumers to work out what's best for us. Some people are willing to spend a few extra dollars for comfort and convenience, but some are not. No right/wrong, just a matter of personal preference.
  9. Josh T, although I agree with your point that there are very few zero fare seats available per sector per flight, let us also not forget that airlines are in the business to make a profit.
  10. Ashmil, it depends on the guys patrolling the area on the day. Some of them shoo people away, but most of them usually stop their car and have a chat to find out what you're doing - like making sure you're not going to cut the fence or climb over it etc.
  11. Some very nice shots you've got there, kianhong!
  12. Sorry guys, just found out I've been stitched up with a business trip for the same weekend. So it's a no go for me at the moment.
  13. Not sure how much they spent, but the most recent campaign is http://onlyinoz.australia.com/?ta_cid=redirect:onlyinoz Having said that though, not much promotion other than a few news article about the launch of the initiative. Have not seen ads or anything like that to further push the campaign.
  14. MH needs to come up with something smart to face the competition. All it's doing so far is getting help from gomen to either defer the grant of SYD/KUL route or simply avoiding the problem.
  15. What would their departure time ex SYD be like if they do indeed get the route? CTMS and slots would be their next headache.
  16. Fair enough. Guess that's a stupid question after all, cuz we wouldn't put oversized shipments on the belt anyway. Thanks for the info though.
  17. Ooo... so oversize packages will be directed to a separate chute?
  18. Must say they managed to get pretty positive publicity out of this, so kudos to Cathay's PR department. But boy, 230kts landing speed.
  19. Good stuff Fahiruz! Thanks for sharing those amazing pics. Looking much more impressive than DHL Express' SIN HUB. Then again SINHUB is only a small facility compared to this FedEx hub in CAN. That autoscanner (last pic), is that part of the autosort system as well?
  20. Always good to hear an airline expand, or at least plan to do so. Hope Firefly has some new destinations up their sleeves. And re operating out of 2 bases so close to each other... Wouldn't Firefly need a bigger network for that? Otherwise I reckon it's more cost to the operation than the actual operational benefits you get out of it. Just my 2 cents though.
  21. Found a video reporting the incident on YouTube. Narration and subtitles in Mandarin, but nevermind, wait for the animation of what they reckon happened inflight and during landing. And apparently Aussie pilots at the controls. There's also an embedded video at link location - this one is in English. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/1039647/aussie-pilots-heroes-for-averting-disaster
  22. Wendell, YC, Try this as a starting point. http://www.malaysiaairports.com.my/index.php?ch=42&pg=170 Cheers, TC
  23. Aircraft purchases are, or should be, based on the airline's operational requirement, not buy-what-others-bought. If the 77W does not complement MH's network plan (current and future), then it's a fair call by MH to not buy it. They come with a massive price tag after all, would you buy something you don't need?
  24. Agree. Rather go-around and reassess the situation than to push-on. As flee said, the cabin will need to be prepared emergency evacuation if required - more of an expectation than procedural thing.
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