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    malaysia selangor bandar utama
  1. After the Whole Mas Cargo plane gone !
  2. Haha Indians My an sisters are from china Don't really know
  3. Helicopter lading at my school padang. (SMKBUD4) Those India students don't know the danger and stand in front of the Helicopter when its about to take off with heavy winds. true enough the winds blow the Helicopter and turn left and scare some student. Even the pilot came down and tell them to move away. .
  4. carry less fuel to save money never think about the people in the plane....
  5. Luke Lim


    Hello , i was just wondering can i join TUDM as a pilot? my parents can't afford to pay for CPL/ATPL course .... D: my mother told me to join TUDM .... erm i need help i wanna know how to get in TUDM and is the training free in TUDM ? and i m wearing glasses..
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