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  1. Good point raised. Lets be realistic. Look at their press release. 2 contradictory statements. Cut the talk of airport infrastructure. There are more airports out there in the world with poorer infrastructure but airlines are still coping so if the "best" airline of the year has problems with that does that mean other lesser airlines are rubbish? Come on... I know there are many Air Asia fans in this forum but you can't hide all the facts under spin and lies. TF may have improved your country's aviation sector but then again no one is perfect. Seems valid but look at the next point in the press release. Contradictory? Go figure.
  2. An utter cloud of illusion. It has nothing to do with the LCCT or MAB. The financing firms know how much debt AK is in.
  3. It's a daily flight. Not 4/5/6/7. SQ860/863 goes 77W from 773 SQ856/861 goes 388 from 77W (SQ862 gets replaced by SQ856)
  4. UA 744 N105UA EY 346 A6-EHH SQ 388 9V-SKG BA 772 G-YMMG
  5. The correct term will be "downgauge" in this case. "downgrade" is only used when a lesser product is used in place.
  6. It's just a generic mock up of the new SQ interior. Not aircraft specific.
  7. The 345s are still relatively young aircraft, any suggestion of short term replacement is far-fetched. SQ's depreciation of aircraft is normally 12 years. The oldest 345 is barely 6 years old. SQ954/955 SIN-CGK was op by 345s before being swapped back to 772s last Nov. HKG will be reduced to 5 from 6 daily flts, unlikely to see the 345 deployed there too.
  8. Those aren't A380 bins. No orders for B717.
  9. No. Things have since changed.
  10. A333 SQ198/197 wef 01 Jun 2009.
  11. Would be anyone be so kind to sketch out the location of KLIA East @ Labu?
  12. The 787-9s will be operating short/medium-haul routes which are mainly destinations in Asia/Australia/Middle East. There was a tender for design firms a couple of months ago for the interior design of the business cabin on the 787-9s. Award of tender is expected to be in Feb 2009.
  13. With the current global financial situation, the capacity shortfall will not be of a concern for the next 18-24 months. There are currently 14 744s in service. 13 A388s and 1 77W are still on order.
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