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  1. There's still juice and peanuts on lite. Malindo just give plain water nowadays.
  2. i just took a ride yesterday from SZB to KLSentral. Arrived SZB at 12.50pm, then have a quick bite before walking to the station. Was at the station 30mins before scheduled train departure time (1410) and wanted to buy a ticket. A personnel there advised me to wait at the hall first as its still early, citing that I may want to wait until 2pm to get a ticket, in case i changed my mind and get a 'faster' alternative. Lol
  3. Singapore Airlines flight to Osaka delayed nearly 6 hours due to refuelling issue SINGAPORE: Passengers on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight from Singapore to Osaka were stranded for nearly six hours on Sunday morning (Nov 11) after the plane was delayed due to a refuelling issue. Flight SQ618, which was an Airbus A380, was scheduled to depart Singapore at 1.30am local time. The delay was due to an overfuelling of the aircraft, as well as the unavailability of a defuelling truck at Changi Airport, said an SIA spokesperson in response to Channel NewsAsia's queries. ​​​​​​​ The flight eventually took off at 7.13am after a replacement aircraft was deployed. "Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specifics on the quantity of fuel uplifted or required for the flight," said the spokesperson. All passengers were served light refreshments prior to boarding, he added. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-airlines-flight-osaka-delayed-6-hours-refuelling-issue-10918286
  4. the crew stopped by for durian mcflurry
  5. A bit off - not Frequent Flyer but Frequent Shopper program. lol i find the AirAsia Big points awarded for lazada purchase is pretty good. U get 1point for every Rm1 - double the points awarded for AirAsia flight (i seldom fly AirAsia anyhow) Then i wait for their Final Call Sale where you can redeem for as low as 500points (normal is around 4-6k) - and fly immediately..no need to wait next year to fly. The cheapest deal is like 500 points for KUL-KBV, KUL-HKT, KUL-KCH etc. (worth around 50-100rm) So basically, for every Rm1k spent on lazada.. get around 10% cashback via shopback + get another rm100-200 worth of air ticket.
  6. then flown again at 11.18pm
  7. or create Lion Air Malaysia lol
  8. domestic flight. the slow q was just to enter the holding area. small things that leads to unnecessary delays.
  9. My last flight with OD. When i book the ticket, it says 945am, but upon check in the time shown as 1005. Boarding process was slow as it was only manned by one Ground Staff - she stood in front of the holding area door and checked all pax boarding pass there, resulting a long queue crossing the hallway. After half an hour, there's the call to board the ac and there's still many pax outside of the holding area still q-ing. Only by then another staff came to help the process while the previous GSA started to scan the boarding passes. Had the LCK and LCL - both are without IFE. Contrary to AK, even the Cabin Crew came down to helped to check boarding passes and help with the boarding process.
  10. Akbar al-Baker on the Gulf Crisis and Qatar Airways The company's CEO discusses the Gulf blockade and its effect on the aviation industry, as crisis enters its second week. http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/talktojazeera/2017/06/akbar-al-baker-qatar-airways-170613020759574.html
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