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  1. Group Photo (special version) Can anyone identify your Camera ?
  2. This pic took at Suvanabhumi Airport on 01-07-2012 by Thailand Spotters' member
  3. I took this pic a month before the anniversary day.
  4. This year we have members from 4 country in SE Asia plus uncle Pieter from the Netherland in 7th Anniversary 1st Version 2nd Version after you chk both picture you will know who is a man who miss the 1st group photo.
  5. I will pick Mr. Bui Tuan Khiam & Uncle Vi Loc for meeting tomorrow, but I can spotting with you all only in the morning due to I hv reunion party with my old school friend in the evening. I think only me from Thailand Spotter to meet you tomorrow cos others will go to DMK for an air show.
  6. Due to VTBS east rwy (19L/01R) maintenance, only the small a/c can dep from there. That mean all a/c will arr to west rwy (19R/01L) with most of dep will be here, you all can catch all arrival all day and if you need a dep shot that possible in the afternoon. for more detail : http://www.aerothai.co.th/runway/
  7. I just found this pic from Mark Tang/HKG spotter who stay at Phoenix hotel.
  8. I took this oic from building 2's room . http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6607789&nseq=0
  9. I heard a date of the show as below : 28 JUN - Last Practice 29 JUN - Press Day 30 JUN - Public 2 JUL - VIP All of the air show display located at DMK / Cargo#3 apron
  10. This Hotel look not bad if a/c land on 19L in the morning But I think go to spotting in the temple in the morning look better. The Convenient resort is other hotel nearby but too far for 19R landing shot, this hotel is good for 01L dep in the winter. http://www.convenientresort.com/ Room price also in the same rate with Queen Gardens Resort.
  11. Thai Smile Crew & Uniform
  12. Chaity, maybe flight check on that day. Normally BKK/VTBS use 19R for ariival (except some domestic flight and some plane that will park near 19L) & 19L for departure.
  13. If the hotel need 300THB for roof access I will go to spot from the temple nearby.
  14. B787 when dep from BKK to SIN for Singapore Airshow 2012 yesterday. Photo by Tek
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