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  1. While AK is increasing and introducing flights to various destinations and cities. I think they are gonna X off KCH-SZX
  2. Hey guys, was wondering anyone of you know this particular airline or plane. I arrived at KIA last night and notice a A319 was parked at gate 7. Its a livery Ive never seems before looks a bit like westjet but not the same colour. I cant see the rego but I saw universal written on the fuselage. Any idea what is it?
  3. Hello Guys! Awesome photos. Btw, can any of you help me clarify one thing.... has Wings Air (Lion air) started scheduled services to KCH from PNK using ATR?.... I did a dummy booking seems they have started it. twice daily flights if not mistaken.
  4. Can I ask you guys. Malindo does not ply Miri - KUL anymore? Was trying to compare the fares for June hols. But there are no flights available.
  5. Hey guys, Seems like there are 3 private jets coming in from the US in the morning wee hours.
  6. I was doing flight booking using MH website but somehow after choosing my seats there was an error and my seats were not blocked. Anyone facing the same issue?
  7. Hey guys I am wondering are we able to track aircraft delivery flights? Wondering when is the first 787 to be delivered to RBA? Anybody knows?
  8. So it is true that FY will be suspending all the Boeing routes/ East Malaysian routes? Any idea what are the reasons behind?
  9. I tried to check in and there was an error... I tried a few more times same error Error code is 1223 cannot check in pax. Any idea why?
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