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  1. 1) ATC only allows 32R departures for KLIA2 if condition permits. The onus is on them. Unprofessional working culture is a very harsh word. 2) Can you mention any instances where 32R and 32L are closed for an extended period of time (like for months?). 33 is undergoing its second major repair work since in service.
  2. I thought the whole bane of Mavcoms existence is to do just that ? Does that mean they have failed?
  3. My shiny behind KLIA2 was not affected.
  4. Small price to pay for convenience. Sometimes its a PITA to get to the famous money changers of Malaysia!
  5. I've used the card for foreign currency withdrawals with very good rates. Saves me the hassle of changing money in the mall.
  6. He's probably eyeing for O'Leary's role, not happening so BYE
  7. They kinda look the same to me, maybe with different upholstery. A far cry from what BI / TK has, as these seats dont go fully flat.
  8. Finally flatbed on the route. That will give SQ a run for their money.
  9. Not to be all doom and gloom but I find KLIA a very pleasant airport to transit/depart/arrive from with no checked baggage. There's almost hardly a queue for Malaysian citizens at the immigration, I can be from aircraft to landside in less than 10 minutes.
  10. Do allocate extra time for you to get to the Midfield Terminal as MH departs from there. Long trek if you're visiting The Pier
  11. I've seen malindo hand carry only fares recently too.
  12. Airbuses are software dependent too or maybe more. So I think it is a moot point.
  13. It took my 2 hours from Wan Chai to doorstep of MFM. I thought it was pretty okay.
  14. Lucky you, I see you dont fly AIRASIA enough - AirAsia are all online / kiosk check in / self bag tagging now. Its the baggage drop thats causing the issue. The fact of the matter is the real estate allocated is nothing compared to whats in KLIA. I guess AirAsia should come out with a way to drop your bags via the internet. - I guess WCT should be blamed. Just like how AIRBUS is to be blamed for putting so many seats on the A380 that MAB cant make money out of it. - It works the other way round now, my old folks are reluctant now to spend time shopping as theyre afraid theyll miss their flight reason being there is a layer of security (unpredictable), just before their gates. The other operators have preferential treatment. They get at least 4 check in counters for one departure. Also theyre parked at the nearest International gate most of the time, K1,K3,K5. Never further than that.
  15. MZV can be renovated to accommodate the A380 so that EK can fly here
  16. I am not fortunate enough to fly out of KLIA often enough, the peasant in me means I'm at KLIA2 for at least half of the days in a month. Also on some times of the year if I'm lucky enough I get to fly out of KLIA. My humble 2 sens The GOOD KLIA The check in area is spacious enough, which allows for better queue management. I always think KLIA is one of the most straightforward airports to navigate through, no hidden gates etc. Simple Floor 1 to Floor 5. The size is relatively small of which the furthest gate is not too far off each other Walkalators which serves a purpose. KLIA2 Jaya Grocers, FourFingers Landside Aerotel Lounge & Hotel Pretty much the plethora of F&B, Shopping options landside, that even MH & KA cabin crews come to hangout The BAD KLIA Actually I do not have much qualms of KLIA other than the old Aerotrain, or the super annoying bubble lift at the satellite terminal which opens and closes at slomo pace. Yes it may be a bit worn out, but I can live with that. I can get from the aircraft out to land side in record time. I'd take a dated worn out airport over a super blitzy blingy Crazy Rich Asian airport which takes ages to get out from. KLIA2 The check in area tight, which makes for a inefficient queue management, introduces a lot of bottlenecks which disrupts people flow. The idea of going through the mall before reaching check in, can be intimidating for some people. Also people who take public transport are often lost at the mall. The complicated labelling of the floors does not help further. The carpark is consist of 5 levels, CP1 to CP5. Gateway is made out of 4 floors, L1, L2, L2M, L3. Arrivals is at L2, Departures is at L3. To get from the carpark I need to get to CP4, walk to L2, take one floor up to L3 etc. There are some gates which are hard to get to than the other. For example domestic gates, which are located at the K pier. Takes twice as long to get to compared to the ones in J. Which involves an escalator down, a ramp up, and then another two floors down the escalators before arriving at the gate. Gate K18, K20, K22 are hidden behind a big wall, and can be easily missed. A lot of walking yes, but like many big airports in the world. But I'd be less critical of this because it is highly inevitable for an airport this size. The scanning machines are not efficiently placed. Often creating massive bottlenecks. Most gates at the K/J pier only have around 140 seats, the last time I've counted. Indigo / Cebu Pacific / Scoot / Jetstar / AirAsia has a full load of 180-186 passengers. While I agree Tony can be a bit whiny at times, to an extent ANNOYING, apart from the SUPERFICIAL stuff here is what he has to deal with as the largest operator there. Remember everything is not about you. KLIA2 is built over soft land, the tarmac sinks, and because of that constant resurfacing of the tarmac has been going on since day 1. I lost count of how many times an aircraft has rolled back, jumped over the chocks, causing damage to the nose gear, and also shearing of the towbar. The depressions can be knee length deep. The constant resurfacing has caused many closures to taxiways, which results in inefficiencies during taxi. Runway 33 seems to be closed more often for ad hoc emergency repairs compared to 32L and 32R. Ruptured Fuel Lines There are stuff regarding operational crew welfare which I can go on and on, if anyone of you would like to know please buy me a cup of tea. Just like everyone, I get annoyed and tired too of the incessant bickering vetween AK and MAHB, but I feel the terminal is a wasted opportunity. Then again I may not be as well traveled as most of the people here so what do i know.
  17. I recall many years back KLIA2 fee was for SITA. AK had a working ticketing system, but was forced to migrate as MAHB refused to budge.
  18. You can use Bigpay just for AirAsia tickets and nothing else just like me.
  19. Bumped into few ministers in the Platinum Lounge a month back. Minister of Transport was in the First Class Suite.
  20. Good call! MH F feels like J with caviar 😂. Even more so on the A350
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