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  1. from what i read in Weibo, China Civil Aviation confirms MH370 did not enter china's airspace.
  2. Some of the picture of Dragon livery taken this morning at the launch of AirAsia 100th Awesome Plane
  3. If you are traveling with AirAsia during this weekend, please take note: AirAsia FB: Hi All, We will be performing system upgrade this weekend starting from Saturday 12 November, 1100 hrs (GMT+ till Sunday 13 November, 0600 hrs (GMT+. During this upgrade period, the following services will not be available: 1) Flight Booking (Web & Mobile) 2) Self Check-in (Web, Mobile, Kiosk) 3) Manage My Booking (All functions) 4) AirAsia Sales Offices / Counters 5) AirAsia Call Centre During the system downtime, both check-in and boarding procedure will be exercised manually. We strongly advise all Guests to be present at the airport 3 hours before the flight departure time as we are expecting traffic. If you are traveling with us this weekend, please web check-in now @ http://checkin.airasia.com/ and please print your boarding pass prior to our system upgrade. All flights will be operating as per scheduled. We apologize for all inconvenience caused and we look forward to serve you better. Best Regards, AirAsia Social Media Team Source:
  4. name change means change of Pax A to Pax B. Typo error can be corrected for free. point #1 is correct.
  5. Hmm... the pics taken are not from anjung tinjau but... it's from terminal. :-) Just for sharing, AK latest livery: Tun M - A True Malaysian sorry it's being blocked by AFE
  6. Saw one of my friend share this on FB:- "A6-EAP An Emirates Airbus performing flight EK51 from DXB to MUC, was enroute at FL340 over Austrian Air Space when the crew decided to divert to PRG after it flew through a zone of hail causing cracked windshields and damage the nose paint." Uploaded with ImageShack.us source: http://planepictures.net/netshow.php?id=1060743
  7. BEST LOW-COST AIRLINE ASIA - AirAsia Will AirAsia win World's Best Low-Cost Airline also? WORLD'S BEST LOW-COST AIRLINE - AirAsia !
  8. Richard Branson's special flight is not open for booking yet.
  9. update to Chaity's information. CX has landed in LGK not so long ago, not sure about ATA. Here is the picture taken by my friend who working in LGK:
  10. derik

    LGK LIMA 09

    MH upgrade it's fleet from B734 to A330?
  11. you got the point! totally agree with you
  12. I'm so so so lucky to have 9M-AHT for my LGK-KUL flight this afternoon. Beside the very new cabin smell, I caught this new 'stuff' on board.
  13. means XAA now has same interior/seating with XXA, XXB, etc...?
  14. tempting...hand 'gatal'...can't wait do spotting with you guys
  15. Rayner, thx for the info and correction and to Sanisah, thx for the info too, and congrats!
  16. Cool joke Sanisah... so why AFA was there?
  17. MalaysianWings now included new MH forum which let everyone of us submit any inquiries, complains, discussions, bla bla bla... How about AK? are they going to open a new forum like MH did? It would be great if they do so, must be got a lot of topics there
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