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  1. As always Suzanne, you never ceased to amaze me. Very funny. And I have seen what you described in front of my very eyes as per LESS section. And honestly at that point, I lost respect for this woman for her tantrums and her showing all her cards and connections. I understood the frustration but again that was how she handled the stress. And I do love your Little Britain analogy which I doubt it can be aired in Malaysia anytime in the future. That tickled my funny bone big time. I am sure there are always ways to handle things in respected approaches. For all the bad manners and showing off, 'Computer says NO'. Thank you Suzanne for a brilliant description for this wet CNY. Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone. Xin Nian Kuai Le
  2. I do apologise. My bad. Anyway, I wish you all the best Capt. Radzi.
  3. I was told by one 737 MAB captain that Suasa Air was started by Capt. Radzi (former T7 pilot), apparently a Maswinger. I am not sure how true this is.
  4. For me, when you are asking questions to know more about things that you don't know, that is wisdom. Not ignorant at all. We learn new things every single day. Peace ya'all.
  5. I am really sorry to hear that Captain. I hope something better will come your way. All the best......!
  6. I wonder if all the stewardesses have to have big hairdo.....hmmm. That will spill your coke...won't it?
  7. And please be reminded to laugh out loud too. This is a gentle reminder.
  8. Ooops.. press the wrong button on my mobile. Here here S V Choong
  9. Spot on Suzanne. I saw that a few times in KLIA. Sometimes I wondered about the eligibility of my card, afraid to be denied entry because it has expired. LOL.You are on the roll here. Word for word. You could be a great reporter.
  10. Cheers. Will contact them the soonest.
  11. HKT would be preferable. Thank you for the info.
  12. Oh dear...I have purchased a return tickets to Krabi for trips at the end of August. Wonder if MAS will refund me or reroute me to another destination, Phuket perhaps? What would be the normal practice?
  13. I like your resolution to have no resolution. A big 100% PASS then. As for me, my greatest achievement this year was to be able to fly a British Airways 787 from Heathrow to Toronto. Spanking brand new aeroplane but service was just OK.
  14. I admire your spirit Suzanne Goh. Way to go although I found out from a few travel agents that MAS is facing a lot of cancellations. I believe MAS still deserves our support in time of dire need especially to the ones who gave so much to the company.
  15. You still tickle my funny bone. Anyway, this thing will blow over once new issues appear. I still think MAS has a higher standard compared to some claim to fame European airlines or American for that matters. I was on the aborted MH004 KUL - LHR 9M-MNF A380 on 3rd of April seated in row 8 ahead of nos. 1 and 2 engines. Reports in the media were way different from my experience being on board. It was informed by the Captain that the indicator on no. 2 engine did not work. We turned back while they tried to fix it on the taxiway but failed. We got to the gate and straight away was attended to by 3 Rolls Royce engineers (their car has Rolls Royce Malaysia written on it). And that was it. However, we were delayed by 4 hours. Nevertheless, it was professionally handled. Just my 2 cents.
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