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  1. I never trust LION, they're aggresive, so aggresive that they forget the service. LION is an abbreviation of "Late is our name". Delay, delay, delay, just ask the passenger, is 1 hour for lion considered a delay? No, it isn't. New airplane, old service, bad service. I prefer Sriwijaya Air though. Old airplane, new service, good service.
  2. I could've sworn that MAS was the only airline that used Sky Interior for its B738, but all of that has changed when GA implemented this technology into its newest B738. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-u-mBusB4E http://www.indoflyer.net/forum/tm.asp?m=573549 courtesy of danangdann at youtube and cbt744 at IF. Time for MH to revamp its strategy again?
  3. Garuda's entry into SkyTeam delayed on IT issues SIVA GOVINDASAMY TAIPEI 09:45 28 Sep 2011 Garuda Indonesia's entry into the SkyTeam Alliance has been delayed by several months as the airline is settling the issues with its IT systems. Indonesia's flag carrier was due to join the alliance by the end of 2011, but this will be delayed by up to six months, an official from the airline said. "Garuda is working with SkyTeam to iron out the problems. It will join SkyTeam, just slightly later than expected," the official added. As a pre-requisite for joining the SkyTeam alliance, airlines are required to integrate their IT systems with other alliance members. The airline has been trying to resolve its IT issues, including problems with its reservation systems. Garuda's reservation system broke down in November last year, the day before the airline signed an agreement to join SkyTeam. The incident resulted in massive flight delays and cancellations. flightglobal
  4. To be honest, that design looks a lot like Delta Airlines colour and Garuda Indonesia design. Modern, yes, but someone had already used it. I will not be surprised if there is a tourist in NRT that see MH plane with that livery as a delta airlines plane. Sorry, that's my most honest opinion, keep up the good works, you're a talented man. As a stand alone, that livery looks good though.
  5. GA with its A330-200( to SYD,HKG,ICN,NRT,PEK and sometimes to MEL and PER), which used full-flat seat, rather than lie-flat seat that is being used in its A333
  6. Final Top Ten Ranking: 1. Qatar Airways 2. Singapore Airlines 3. Asiana Airlines 4. Cathay Pacific 5. Thai Airways 6. Etihad Airways 7. Air New Zealand 8. Qantas Airways 9. Turkish Airlines 10.Emirates For the first time, no MH in top ten. Really, MH, you need to improve a lot, like, RIGHT NOW!!!
  7. Results for SE asia carriers : SQ: 2 wins ( best airline business class, best airline asia) MH: - TG: 2 wins ( best catering for economy class, best economy seats) GA: - Disappointed, MH and GA ???
  8. Follow the results on: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Skytrax/110801075638605 What category(s) do you think MH will win? Best cabin staff anyone....?
  9. MH needs to have some new routes that no other carriers have ever had, if they want to join an alliance. That's one of the requirements, i guess. GA was invited to join Skyteam because they have an extensive networks in Indonesia, over 31 destinations in Indonesia alone. VN also choosen because of that case too. Allowed Skyteam to code-share every domestic flights that those carriers had. IDK about MH's domestic network, but i think it wasn't as strong as those carriers. Nuff said
  10. Well, for you who afraid to fly with Lion, you may want to reconsider it again, because the new B739 has just arrived this lately, it's special cause that plane was fitted with the new Being Sky Interior, just like in MH's B738, but the difference is, they don't have IFE AVOD in it. But, it's not a big deal considering that JT is LCC. But, for me, a new plane can't dissolve my doubtness about them. Here is the interior photos from other forum: Lion's Sky Interior
  11. Can anyone here give me the date list of when each A333 get delivered? and Did the IFEs in that plane always 'crashed' evrytime? I mean had a slow response, hang, etc., beacuse i know those IFEs were made by Panasonic, the same manufacturer that made the IFEs in GA, and FYI, GA's IFE always crashed and has to be rebooted everytime, and always had a slow response. Not only happened to GA, but to DL, NH, etc. Can anyone here help me?
  12. Well, that's what i hate about JT, they used full-service for international flights only, and they don't really care about the service, especially domestic flights, what they care is the amount of passengers ( with a whooping 20 mil. psg. last year ) and of course, the amount of money. And they are still the king of delay IN INDONESIA, ugh, picky.
  13. In indonesia, we called them as The King of Delay, always, in every flight, day and night. Their planes might be good ( the plane, not the interior) , but the services was awfully bad. They treated us as bad as the worst LCC carriers could give. And don't let me start about the seat pitch, they're really the king of tight seat pitch. Yes, there are a lot of better carriers in Indonesia, as Mr. ramli said, but for me, the best for its class ( LCC ) is CITILINK, the subsidiary of GA.
  14. Wait, on a second thought, both MH and GA's cabins looked great. In MH, i can get the feeling of outer-space, cold( in a good way ), yet in the same time, modern. In GA, i can get the feeling of classic-ness and the warmness of many cultures in Indonesia. I think MH should insert some of its culture to its cabin. GA put Batik motif in its seat's covers. Use " anyaman bambu" motif in its partition. And put many Indonesia's beautiful scenery on its IFE's monitor background. But, nonetheless, Great work by all of them.
  15. Well, maybe this is offtopic, but this is can be used for comparation. While MH received its new A333, GA, recently, received its 6th A332( 12th A330 ). This is the some shots from neighbor forum about its ceremony, just like what MH did in April 4th. GA's 6th A332 Well, based on the picture, this new plane have the same bussiness class seats as in MH's A333. And, i like GA's C class seats better, but MH's Y is a bit better.
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