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  1. The interior look spacious. Swooping luggage bin will make getting in and out of the seat easy. Should MH order this aircraft, more long and thin routes can be served and MH can explore point to point routes from other airports. After a long time not flying thru JHB, I was shocked to see the dominance of AirAsia Group in this airport.
  2. I did watch the video and honestly I think he is full of crap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGZWfmceVio Another 'bad' review from him.
  3. I can't help but wonder if MAB were using B739ER to complement the A333 and B738, they might be in a better state. But at least they are waiting for the aircraft to be delivered, right?
  4. What happened with the collaboration with Farah Khan? Is this one of a few that will surface later? Nice ad, like SQ minus the sarong kebaya.
  5. The lounge look lovely, incorporating Malaysian heritage and cultures.
  6. Any reason why they do not sell first class tickets to SYD and NRT?
  7. The immigration counter is still manned or fully automated? Judging from the youtube video, Changi is doing everything right for this terminal. Even their terminal 1 feel newer than KLIA mtb.
  8. A documentary about Terminal 4. First episode, more to come. Can't wait to try! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOLF8bRD9N0
  9. Grime all over. Did the wording and the livery peeled off? Big chunk of a is missing...
  10. Only 51 A319neo are sold! Maybe the saving from improvement is no as good as the larger A320neo. I think C-series will slot in nicely below A320neo.
  11. Nobody in their right mind will buy MH right now. Maybe they will take it if it was for free...
  12. Can't politicians in Malaysia keep their dirty hands to themselves? Reminded me of Christina Perri " who do you think you are, running around leaving scar"... traces of dirty politic really stinks! Sorry about my rant, can't help it. p/s: moderator, delete if inappropriate.
  13. Will SQ use their 1-2-1 for business, or stick to 2-2-2 like the A330 for this aircraft?
  14. If MAB indeed leasing the ex-airberlin fleet, will they rip out all the seats and install a new one? At a glance, airberlin business class is identical to EY business, which is not bad IMO.
  15. Another business jet? If this rumour did materialize, I might not buy MH ticket anymore. 9 abreast economy seats on board 787 is cramped
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