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  1. https://www.qatarairways.com/en/press-releases/2017/Oct/qatar-airways-to-launch-service-to-exotic-malaysian-holiday-dest.html?activeTag=Press-releases#
  2. Today's flight QR773 DOH-GRU-EZE took a long way to reach there. . It flew via Athens! DOH-ATH-GRU-EZE
  3. As of now at 1628 (doha time) there are still QR planes flying over Saudi/Bahrain/UAE airspace. U can see them in FR24. But all UAE airlines have suspends their flight to DOH. So far QR announced that only Saudi's destinations will be cancel.
  4. Sorry to be off topic. But i really enjoy using an app called App in the Air. It gives u alot of info such as your total travel time and distances for all of your flights, a world map which shows your visited airports, number of airports u have been to, type of aircraft that u have flown with etc... It can be downloaded from app store/google play for free.
  5. Aah i see. But anyway I like it coz less walking and save time.
  6. When I was flying on QR852 DOH-KUL(14apr2016), we parked at Gate A2 in klia for disembarkation. I was quite surprised as it is normally be done in Satellite building. It was a very low load on the 340. Any reason for this?
  7. Third pic is QR 788, A7-BCB
  8. Currently QR is flying its 777s to AUH, AMM, BKK, PEK, BLR, EZE, CAI, ORD, DFW, DPS, DXB, CAN, HAN, IAH, JED, LHE, LHR, LAX, MNL, MEL, MIA, YUL, BOM, JFK, CDG, PER, HKT, GRU, ICN, PVG, SYD (in March), NRT, IAD, For Jan 2016 777 base maintenance activities(up till 7Jan only) A7-BEA, A4 chk A7-BAV, bridging+cabin config+A4 A7-BEB, A4 A7-BBH, A5 These aircrafts will be in the hangar. All short maintenance task. For KUL they will fly 787 and 340 until March. Hope somebody will post the pics here
  9. Plus qr852/853 is also getting b787. They just said 'due to commercial reasons'.
  10. Qatar Airways will be flying its 787 to KUL in January. Doh-Kul: QR844 Kul-Doh: QR845
  11. I was ex-MH too.. And enjoying every bits of my life here with QR
  12. Apparently after leaving MH, he is now the new Chief Commercial Officer of Qatar Airways effective on 2nd August 2015. source: internal memo
  13. http://www.qatarairways.com/qa/en/press-release.page?pr_id=pressrelease_al-maha-aircraft-290415 Green Oryx anyone? the four aircraft regs are: A7-LAA until A7-LAD
  14. She was in Hangar 6 yesterday for a short period of time. Technical ppl from KLM themself repaired the wx radar. IMG_20131006_165021 by ameqhd46, on Flickr IMG_20131006_165028 by ameqhd46, on Flickr
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