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  1. Updates starting late 2016 for the Domestic and Regional lounge at KLIA MTB, followed by International Lounges at KLIA Satellite & London Heathrow by Mid 2017 Highlights include:- - Demonstration kitchens where guests can interact with chefs preparing their meals - 'Bistro service' for Business Class and upgraded Fine Dining for First Class - Faster Wi-Fi Original Article posted by Chris @ AusBT here
  2. It looks like the MH/EK Partnership is live from the EK Side. Bookings can be made to include domestic destinations in Malaysia now. e.g. AMS-KUL-TWU as below. But, no codeshare or skywards miles or status earned for the domestic legs for the moment.
  3. funny considering both stuff.co.nz / theage.com.au / smh.com.au are all under the same Fairfax Media umbrella.
  4. MAS in 'Brand Refresh' - NO rebranding/change in livery "Every few months there will be something new, and that will be framed really as the new brand," he [Mueller] said at the airline's Kuala Lumpur headquarters on Thursday. "We will start in the first quarter of next year to introduce these improvements." Mr Mueller said the airline would not be changing its brand name, in part because it was too expensive to repaint all of its aircraft. "I would not call it a hard rebranding," he said. "It is really more a brand refresh." Change in focus from Kangaroo Route to North/South Focus "I believe that [Kangaroo route] market is gone for people like us or Singapore Airlines or Garuda [indonesia] or Thai [Airways]," Mr Mueller said. "It is firmly in the hands of Middle East carriers. But also we recognise China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India, are growing and that is where we will focus. We going from a northwest/southeast focus more to a north/south." source : TheAge
  5. I suppose these will be replacements for the remaining 6 B772ER's to serve AMS/AKL/CDG?
  6. Source : Australian Business Traveller (http://www.ausbt.com...re-airbus-a380s) Malaysia Airlines will double the size of its nascent A380 fleet with plans to buy six more of the superjumbos. The airline this morning announced it had secured a loan for up to A$1.65 billion to fund the purchase of six more A380s, along with two A330-200s. _______________ Sorry for the formatting guys, posted using my iPhone!
  7. "Malaysia Airlines is on schedule to join the oneworld alliance by the end of this year," the airline said in a statement today, MAS spokesman Ismadi Yusuff confirming to Australian Business Traveller that the airline "will join one world in Q4." [from Australian Business Traveller 15/05/2012]
  8. based on the decisions made by the various Management teams at MAS over the last decade or so, i wonder if they do any extensive research at all...
  9. Agreed, but if its 3-3-3, the there will be 2 people (either window seat) who is faced with climbing over 2 people in order to get to the aisle, as opposed to only one person who has to get past two people in a 2-5-2 configuration.
  10. Maximum Range of the 772ER's is 7,700NM (14,260KM) Maximum Range of the A333X is 5,669NM (10,500KM) So the A333 will not be replacing the 772ER's on the long haul routes to Europe, more likely that it will replace the current Flights to Australia (BNE/PER/MEL) along with flights to Regional flights, South Asia, China.. So it is looking like a good purchase for MH, since they need the new aircraft as soon as possible, especially when you compare the current offerings on the A330 on medium haul flights such as Perth with that of its counterparts in SQ and CX.. The B772's are still going strong, so they can go on for a couple years more, until the delivery slots for the A350 etc start to open up. No real point ordering an airplane who's precise specifications are as yet unknown right now when it will only be delivered 2013 (A350) hope their IFE and cabin is updated with these new birds!
  11. out of interest, whats the construction going on under the LRT link from the MTB to the Satellite?
  12. did they bother with winglets for the 738??
  13. Thats hte Unique customer number no? much like How MH is 7x7-xH6 and so on, so the last two digits are specific to the airline that ordered them
  14. and i believe if the IFS is a male then he is in a charcoal-black coloured suit? or at least this was the case in my recent flight AKL-KUL
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