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  1. MARA hangar by Samsyuri Mat Salleh, on Flickr https://themalaysianreserve.com/2019/02/13/mara-to-utilise-khazanahs-abandoned-hangars-in-subang/
  2. Wow.. nice Zim Air livery.. good to see "Papa" flying.. again..
  3. MS series are non etops airplane.. therefore, they're not required to carry the Life Raft. So it use curve ceiling panel all the way to the back..
  4. Expect full Sky Interior.. I mean without Overhead Life Raft Compartment..
  5. Keep it going Ong.. Very nice pics and videos...
  6. Amazing video.. Just wondering why the marshaller didn't use a marshaling torch in such weather?
  7. Addition to Capt Radzi's post, most of the time, there will be 9 people onboard. Usually the nite stop will be at Honolulu and Guam while Majuro will be the tech stop for refueling only. Sometimes they will nite stop at Kona instead of Honolulu..
  8. It was delivered as normal B733 and converted to freighter at Pemco.
  9. Welcome back 9M-MRK.. She will go back into service to rescue the other B777..
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