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  1. Tq Sifu Han,OK I'm your student now...I blanja lunch nnt..next month after Eid...
  2. I need more guidance from Sifu Azahan for nose shot...
  3. E190 VH-ZPM due SZB tonite and leaving on Sat 0700hrs to DRW,and ex NZ 733 ZK-NGH due in tonite or tomorrow.
  4. 787 from different angle.. VP-BEL
  5. Mir my last C17 shots was on 5th Aug,
  6. Thank you Gavin. I post one of the Mirage first ,and we shall wait for Norman to share the rest..
  7. UAE's MRTT...Wet runway landing at SZB over to you Norman for the UAE's Mirage...
  8. Tarmizi..download,no problem,if you wish for a bigger file size pm me yr email...
  9. Royal Thai Navy Dornier 228
  10. Ex MPQ now with Air Atlanta Icelandic as TF AAH,On Thursday she left Subang for Jakarta,halfway over Sumatera,ATB to Subang.
  11. After 36 days finally they arrived... Spotting from Obs Hill with special permissions..
  12. Brand new 9M-MYC arriving from Colombo.. HF antenna installed on the tail area for this delivery flight.
  13. Ok Gavin... Gavin I wish I had your 400mm for the take off shots...
  14. Joining Pitch Black'14 at Downunder...
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