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  1. would have thought they would operate to LCCT coz they are a LCC... hehehe well cool... I hope JQ will also consider tking over KCH-PER vv route also maybe they can expand KCH will some aussie flights... I hope la
  2. is it true that they are moving MHs Domestic ops to LCCT???? I heard from a friend
  3. even if they move AK back to SZB what would they do to the LCCT in KLIA?
  4. I am a noob with photography so can anyone please expan to me what is panning?
  5. yeah can't wait too spot it in KCH
  6. sighs chan is lucky la... that day me and delwin went to teh KCH airport think we can spot and snap the twotter from MKH in the end it never came in
  7. Yeah also hoping they will make a test landing in East Malaysia
  8. lol its ok... International by name if only we have more airlines serving here that would be better. Sighs but in my dremas I guess...
  9. Tamizi how many gates does SBW have? and aerobridges never been there yet so no idea. lol... correction traffic in KCH is not boring...peak hours there are lots of actions... its just that sighs..... We don get Borneo City hopper here anymore.... Basically this is the type of A/C you can find in KCH now.... Boeing 737-200 by Batavia Air Boeing 737-300 by AK Boeing 737-400 by MH Airbus 319 by Silk Air Airbus 320-100 by AK & Silk Air Airbus 330-200/300 by MH Twotter by FAX *Occasional Boeing 747-400 operationg Haj flights we need more airlines to serve KCH man so we can see more aircraft and action lol... so basically you will see a lot of jets moving around in KCH
  10. Nice photos... will be posting up My photos soon... but my photos aren't as good as yours.... coz my cam is not a good cam... sighs But just to let you know it was a pretty busy morninh at KCH.... MAS B744 was there
  11. I don't like the tail nothin much new ......
  12. Really you think so?? so u mean there are rumors bout it? but if there really is an LCCT in KCH i think the main terminal building will look sad only MAS using in.. in line with other carriers Like MI and Batavia... MAB in Kuching work hard and get more airlines to serve this city!!! Government too!!!! LOL everyone knows TIng Pek Khiing is the super fast contractor... LOL even the airport flyover project is so fast almost completed already gosh!!!!
  13. but one thing puzzles me though how come the domestic traffic is plummeting? Maybe MAB should do something like get more airlines to fly to the other International Airports within M'sia...e.g mainly to WBGG. hehehe juz my thought I think Malaysia should be united and develop 2gether. WM is far more Develop than EM, so they should try and minimise the gap so the country could thrive better
  14. I believe at all airports when its the peak hour it is always crowded. Even now the new KIA terminal with lots of check in counters it is still pretty crowded and on that day monday if not mistaken there was like 3 MHs and 1 or 2 AKs flight departing at almost the same time (but the AK plane was late though) and 3 MHs 737-400 taxies out for departure, time frame was like 5 minutes apart. The last one departed late cause had to wait for an AKs aircraft to land.... But i passed thru the airport today and it looked so called... around 5 pm is definitely not the peak hour for KIA 1 plane there only make that 2... 1 Mh 1 AK But i've never used Sibu's Airport so no idea but saw the design cool..... Btw any Idea HOw big is senai Airport? how many gates do they have?
  15. Yeah true in our dreams for a terminal 2....... sighs sad for KIA.... Yeah Gate 5 has dual gate system mainly for servicing A330s but on monday i saw a MAS b734 using it hehehe. Basically we have 4 gates with dual docking system namely Gates 5, 7, 8 and 9. Wonder in how many years time will they really move the airport But now I just hope there would be more airlines serving here so there will be more action!!
  16. I heard that Tiger Airways was suppose to fly SIN-KCH, SIN - BKI but still no news on it...... Rumors has it that Air Asia o Indon Air Asia was suppose to start KCH-CGK again no news.... was out in the papers last month i think... anybody know about this? Btw again I would like to ask is Batavia still serving KCH? I haven't seen it for quites sometime was at the airport on monday morning and didn't see its flight... i wonder why
  17. http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=5891476 looks pretty plain 2 me.... Hope the VMY2007 livery will have a better look
  18. can't wait for it 2 be in Malaysia!!! is MH doing any special scheme for VMY 2007? other than the stickers?
  19. Sighs I have not been to the LCCT in KL yet... would love to use it when there is a chance... Aiiks even KK has a LCCT terminal but not Kuching sighs... but I guess there is no more land space to build another terninal in KIA. Btw I noticed that there are some construction works on gate 4 at KIA... not sure what are they doing... anyone has any idea? they are doing something at the tarmac...
  20. cool saw it on the website. Hey does anyone know when will Air Asia start flying KCH-CGK route? I read it in the papers. According to the papers they will start around this month? the one i saw was to PEN.
  21. hey I still have time to catch it then yeah!! Hey guys is Batavia Air still flying into KCH? yesterday was at the airport sending a friend off and I din see Batavia....
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