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  1. There seem to be an issue - a disabled aircraft on the runway at approx 1100 hrs today : at least 6 arrivals put on hold . Anyone has details?
  2. Anybody has any info on the fire at KIA which occurred last night?
  3. I thought Air Asia already has the direct Kuching Penang link
  4. anyone knows details of an emergency landing at Kuching airport some 2 days ago?
  5. The Malindo that had to do an emergency landing cos of low fuel- couldn't they divert to Miri? or was it something else?
  6. Is this same type as the Police Squirel ? Looks too small for a 6 seater
  7. Last night Airasia flight from Bintulu was approaching to land on Rwy 25 but opted to go for 07 . It was already on very short final . Wonder what's the reason
  8. Must have been ; it was as noisy as the Transmile planes
  9. Anyone knows whether RMAF has a new aircraft? Very noisy but I didn't managed to see the plane. It's got an Air Force call sign
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