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  1. this is my shoot from Soekarno-hatta....sorry hope you all not bored hehe sam topic as in indoflyer.net orient thai 742.... PK-KKG PK-YVC PK-AWV pushback close up bye... PK-YVZ pushback... PK-YVU.. PK-AWU Lewat... PK-AWT pushback wings air PK-YTS datang PK-YTX PK-YVA B739ER Lion PK-LFF thanks all!
  2. thanks all,looking forward to fo more coverage of CGK in MW's
  3. hello this is my photos when i spotting with my brother on CGK thanks more photos: http://www.aeronusa.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1164#1164
  4. but i can view it from here... why??
  5. hello..this topic is same as in Indoflyer.net..but i'd like to share with you all here in MW... Dinasty Cargo ebwehehhe qatar Private..N83TE PK-YGI adam "perkasa"PK-CJR feb-mar-apr PK-RMC PK-RIT thanks all!! OLYMPUS E-500 with Zuiko 40-150
  6. thanks all,hey mahathir,how you can get there??are you working ini CGK?? @pieter:the first indonesian airline who first operating A320 family is Awair who leased the A320,or known as indonesia airasia now
  7. hello all,it's me again hope you not bored with my photos this topic is same as in indoflyer.net,but i want to share here to all MW members.. this time is about the mandala's Airbus A320 PK-RMA andala Airbus a320-200 PK-RMA.. close up face to face nice reflections the CFM engines park here C11 close up again.. catering.. cargo doors opened preparing loading cargo the tail thanks all... raldi oly E-500 with ZD 40-150mm
  8. oo yes i know that hotel,it can be spotted a plane from there?can you tell me the rates/night?
  9. hehe you're right,this is same topic as you see from indoflyer.net
  10. hello all,another greetings from jakarta,hope you'll not bored with my photos... sunday 28 januari 10.50,check Garuda-indonesia.com is F-GTUI sheduled arrive 11.43... NOTE:PLEASE CLICK ON THE UNDERLINED WORDS TO DOWNLOAD THE PHOTOS AT JPNET i thing this a320,but it's ok AIR ASIA BOEING 737-300 9M-AAX destination denpasar GA 406. GARUDA INDONESIA BOEING 747-400 PK-GSG maybe not carrying too much PAX ok here it comes,leased about 8000 US$ per hour GARUDA INDONESIA(CORSAIR)BOEING 747-400 F-GTUI Jakarta Ground:"Parking Stand is G96...taxi via NP1" Indonesia 7409:"G96 via NP1" (stop for a while,because the G96 is not available on his documentation) Indonesia 7409:"Confirm left or right on NP1?" Jakarta Ground:"Second left sir...on NP1" Indonesia 7409:Thank You...the parking stand G96 is not available on my documentation" when F-GTUI searching for his parking stand,VH-EBX LEASED FROM QANTAS take off and... approacing to parking stand next... MERPATI BOEING 737-200 PK-MDC GULF AIR(GULF TRAVELLER) BOEING 767-300 A4O-GZ SAUDI ARABIAN AIRLINES BOEING 747-300 HZ-AIS THAI AIRWAYS AIRBUS A300B4-600R(mungkin) HS-TAL SINGAPORE AIRLINES BOEING 777-200 9V-SQH destination jeddah (GA980) GARUDA INDONESIA BOEING 747-400 PK-GSI NEXT SPOTTING TARGET:AIR ASIA AIRBUS A320-200 9M-AFP "AMAZING"(when this plane comes to CGK??this plane has arrived at CGK,but at the afternoon) o ya,this is my collection of hajj planes in CGK: Garuda Indonesia(QANTAS) BOEING 747-300 VH-EBY GARUDA(ORIENT THAI) BOEING 747-300 HS-UTL SAUDI BOEING 747-300 HZ-AIK GARUDA INDONESIA(CORSAIR) BOEING 747-400 F-HSUN CREDIT(S): -Camera model:Olympus EVOLT E-500 -Lens:Zuiko Digital 40-150mm 1:3.5-4.5 -Software Editing:Adobe Photoshop CS2 -thanks to:Allah SWT gives me a good wheater,my familly who spotting together with me thanks bye... raldi
  11. waw thanks for the information all MW's
  12. sometimes i seen a backlit photos approved on Anet..but if JPnet is easier to b approve,i will try even JPnet page is slower to load than Anet
  13. i'm sorry if i make this topic in a wrong place,please move it,or sorry if i make a doubke posting... i just want to know,i've been a (not very)long time uploaded a photos on JPnet,and yes,for sure,it was hard try to make my photos being approved on JPnet,after a long time try i got my 84 photos on JPnet,but,this time i got 19 rejected photos in the database,and sometimes the reason is un-reasonable,like this: my fewer upload with the date who contents only the month and year,accepted,but now,i uploaded like that,it rejected,the reason is:bad info(date) -i heard it from the forum,my friend and other tell me if i upload it on A.net it's make your photos moer benefit,like more photo views, and also,easier to be approve? -in my opinion i prefer upload style like JPnet than Anet,(yes i don't understand aout the limit),but if its easier to approve why not? -if its right if my pictures accepted by 100%,the slots can be increased?(i'm really not understand in this,please tell to me) so my final question is:we better upload it on Anet or JPnet or both of them??!!(oh no,my slow and limited network) thanks, raldi
  14. hei.i'm sorry for the late reply..i'm just back from my trip to Denpasar(i hope i will posted here) @fitri:i don.t know...you must try it yourself if you want to know it's safe or not..but in my opinion,sometimes safe and sometimes not safe/feel uncomfortable..few times a go when i Spotting at CGK i got an airport security came to me,he said based on a airport terms takin photos on an airport area is strictly prohibited..but when i tell him i want to takin photos just for my hobby..he's understood..and let me continue for spotting..but sorry..i feel bad mood... @hakan & pieter:yes,the turkish airline is visiting CGK due to the prime minister visit to discuss with the indonesia about the tsunami victims on aceh... thanks.. raldi
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