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  1. Loving the the cabin of A380, especially the first class cabin, seat pitch is very huge. cant' wait to see fly with this big bird on 16th Aug, to LONDON
  2. Let's see how fantastic this A388 bird is. Just redeemed a return flight to LONDON with my enrich miles 17th Aug MH002 Kul - London 26th Aug MH003 London - Kul
  3. I really don't get it I, myself had been flying with kul - AMS since 2008 with 747 , the flights were taken full except first class. I don't see a reason why they wouldn't consider using the bird to do kul - AMS Sad
  4. Can i say something? i guess i am allowed to say my disappointments since i have at least flown more than 8 times with MAS 747-400 from 2009 to 2011, i flew with Business upper deck and first class before, thanks to the miles ive been accumulating why on earth that they have scrapped of the 747 400 and downgraded to 777-200 :( i am hoping to ride with A380, that was what they planned initially from KUL to AMS with the A380 bird, now all these birds (A380) have been assigned to KUL-London and KUL - Sydney. They even considered giving the birds to KUL - MELbourne? how about AMS? When i was on board with 747-400, the business classes always seem full, may be not the 12 seater first class - was twice sitting alone and i knew not so economical to ride in first class. i thought the dutch and i love the 747-400. also, i knew schipol wasn't ready for the A380 yet, probably in JUN
  5. to be honest, i really dont get it, i am frequent flyer of MAS, i did fly early this year with MAS during chinese new year, that time they offered 3 times weekly KUL to LAX (via TAIPEI), Mon, Wed, Sat. I was in Business Class B777-200 (yes, although the business class pitch is much longer than B747-400), but i always prefer B747-400 for a longer haul. Aslo for 777-200 window seat for business class does not come with side compartment, unlike 747-400 So for the remaining birds (A380) , they wont consider placing those birds on KUL - AMS or KUL - LAX? : (
  6. hi i am a newbie, just registered as a member. i was quite upset that they were eventually scrapped off the KUL - AMS (by using A380), i always fly to AMS
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