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  1. wow... left wheel first...
  2. I think that aircraft on hold...
  3. why we dont have someone feed at liveatc.net. So we can hear the atc conversation.
  4. Hello, On 19 Jun 2009, i go to airport to take my auntie. Her flight will arrived at 4.40pm but suddently retimed at 5.40pm. U know why? because of buzy traffic at WMKC. Here the picture. Plane that "Pemangku Raja Kelantan" (Raja Kelantan's son) onboard. Firefly hold on taxiway Alpha for coming traffic. Plane that arrived is government plane (Malaysia). After the N999M departed, this aircraft(TUDM) arrived. A little while, Airasia arrived and then POLIS helicopter. *sorry for bad quality. Only use hp camera.
  5. Yeah... malaysianwings.net... haha~ not maswings... nice edit...
  6. where to submit the application for cadet pilot..?
  7. why with flight helios aiman... i dont know anything about him...
  8. Got pic for your trip Nicholas?? hehe~
  9. What happen to its tail..?? btw..super clear weather...
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