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  1. i participated in the nose job for this guy
  2. well the intake you spotted on the734 fuselage sidewards is not an cabin outflow valve but it is the APU intake section , the cabin outflow valve is located on the lower half of the aft fuselage sidewards . many are confused as the Apu intake section For the A320 is located below . so i guess u guys assume the same thing on the 734 but its not and its totally different absolutely true that's for the A320 Ramani
  3. well its to early to decide yet man..just concentrate on your studies first..once you have cleared your spm you can think bout this bro
  4. well most twin engine aircraft are ETOPS capable... but in Oder for the company to gain the ETOPS there are so many procedures and requirements that must be followed...
  5. Well the flag is a mandatory according to the Malaysian civil aviation regulations(MCAR)..i am not too sure under which regulation is it in...but i will get back 2 you guys once i find it.
  6. 4 me would be an a320 coz its fuel saving and high tech system
  7. well from what i understand Ak uses thrust reverser's all the time upon aircraft touch down is mainly to slow down the aircraft froward speed where during this period the brakes are not applied yet..but the ground spoilers and reverser's will deploy first helping the aircraft speed to be reduced to a certain value and then only the brakes would be operated. the reason why they are doing this is because they want to increase the brakes operation life..because if the brakes are used all the time at high speed when landing , this results the breaks rotor pads to wear off very fast and requires replacements at a shorter period,to save the cost and allow the breaks to be in service for a longer period ..the reverser and the ground spoilers are used to drop the aircarft speed after touch down until certain limits and then the breaks are applied idle reverser's means the engine throttles are brought down to the lowest speed and the reverser's levers are raised until reverser deployed and throttles still remain in idle position and not pushed to the max
  9. thanks ignitus...i am not familiar with this aircarft ..ha..ha.thats why.. anyways thanks alot
  10. perfect job meor...that are really some good shots...we are waiting for the afw shots soon
  11. sorry for late reply capt i cant make it on the 23..coz i am on training at that date..well i will be free for the march slot.
  12. Cpt nik pls include my name if its on may.
  13. not forgeting me Anyway, my turn.. Name: Andrew@ Andy Age: 22 this year Occupation: Aircraft maintenance engineering apprentice Location: Sepang Camera: just a cheap canon 7mpx
  14. thatz a good one bro...b320...wakhaaaaaa
  15. how can you just blame ak for the delays?? weather also plays a factor brothers Mr victor it will be more convenient for all of us if we have a airport in subang..why we need to go so far just to bord a plane? Mr TF has his facts to. it,s not he wants to show he is very power full he wants the same rites as other lcc airliners.
  16. So, F27 cannot be louder than A320. if you guys complain its going to be noisy then, what can we say about transmile air MD 11 which operates in SZB?? and thier 727 which is extreemly noisier compare to our 320..
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