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  1. Is the ladang area still accessible? Will we be kacau-ed by police there?
  2. Hello, I know this topic is old, but I just wanna ask who has the video for MW first anniversary made by Edwin? I remember seeing it on youtube but couldn't get any viable results. That video was good! But now the link is not working... =(
  3. Wow, 200-400 f/4? Or is it a Sigma? haha!
  4. This is the same plane from the same day (6th August) ... But notice the wheels barely touch the runway surface
  5. nope ... those pics were taken yesterday (6th August) =)
  6. It has been quite a while since I last posted my photos here... Here's some contributions from today's spotting HZ-AKW 9M-AHG B-18706
  7. Mriya? I thought I saw a Ruslan this afternoon... =|
  8. Hello Davy! MNL is actually a great place for spotting. I've been there once. Near the Airport, there's a village (I couldn't recall the name). You can get some pretty exciting actions there. You need a local to guide you there though. As mentioned by others, please be careful. There are a lot of squatters in that area. See the red circle: Besides, it's also worthwhile to visit the Aerospace Museum of the Philippine Air Force. It's pretty new, opened in June 2007. Just a quick question, is MNL operating under single runway? (but I saw two runways in the pic O.o )
  9. yea .. missed its landing with trust reversers anyway here's AK's Zulu
  10. Just when I was about to drive off, this bird landed... Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy
  11. huh? anniversary this sat? soo sooon!! bout what time? where to gather?
  12. lolx .... i wonder how she got in there with her skirt so short ...
  13. Though I didn't manage to get Kingdom , at least this one provided some excitement for the day ... =) 9M-MQP ... Look how clean she is!
  14. wow kevin .. you're incredibly fast!! @@ and the shot of HZ-WBT7 is awesome!! =) Too bad i missed it .... :-(
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