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  1. Hi, would like to share my share of photos from SIN Air Show. This was taken from my blog so ignore the narrative. ******* Sacrificing my Saturday, I was up as early as 6am to catch this 820a.m. flight to Singapore. All for the Singapore Air Show; the event ticket bought from the agent in Malaysia for S$21. Warming up my camera with some shots as the plane approached into Changi. Chasing the shadow. Welcome to Singapore From the budget terminal, I took the free shuttle to Terminal 2 where from there I took the Air Show Shuttle to the Air Show site. All in less than 1 hour despite the huge crowd. Hats off to Singapore’s efficiency. Crowd management by the organiser was superb. Flags of participating nations. Malaysia was not there. Not invited or not interested? There were basically three main areas; the static display, the exhibition hall and the air show demo. My favorite was the static display. A lot more aircraft from all parts of the world compared to LIMA 2009. Cute Unmanned MQ-8B High-tech drone. There were also many business jets being displayed with potential customers given introductory tour inside the aircrafts. My favorite has always been this baby; Cessna Citation X. Two main displays as far as civil aircrafts are concerned are the Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A330F. The Boeing 737-800 with Garuda livery on. A celebrity. Long queue for visitors to visit the cabin. I waited for 20 minutes before giving up. I just love the winglets on the new generation of 737s. Sexy! The other cebrity. The brand new A330-200F. Airbus undertook hot-weather tests of its A330-200 freighter aircraft at the Singapore Airshow over the weekend. They got what they asked for. Super hot weather! One for the album! Beautiful plane. It may be on Hot Weather test but lots of visitors using the plane to avoid hot weather hehe Military planes were also being displayed with majority being from US Air Force. A rare sight for me as a Malaysian. I decided to queue for 1 hour to go inside THE ROCK. The plane and crew flew all the way from Arkansas. The Rock Huge area inside that can fit anything that can be fit in. The cockpit. These are some other beautiful planes; more can be seen on my facebook album. Then came the Air Show. Interesting live show but still no group formation flying except the F16 and Apache which was the same as the LIMA’s show. My zoom-lens + camera just could not capture the fast flying jets and I have to settle for something slower. The indoor exhibition letdown was a big letdown. Since it was a Public Day and those exhibition booths are mainly for Trade Visitors, some of the exhibitors decided to cordon off the areas and just ignore the human flow around their space. Being able to attend Singapore Air Show 2010 is a personal achievement for me. I have always wanted to witness a big aviation event outside Malaysia and this weekend I’ve managed to fulfill that desire. Next on my target is the Dubai Air Show and perhaps one day Farnborough!
  2. Exactly. It would be interesting to see the shift from behind monitor/keyboard commeting 'this-and-that' to being live one-on-one asking questions.
  3. Excellent! More coverage for my favourite airline I am actually looking for the best option for my flight to SIN. Timing is right (Singapore GReat Sale is going on!) or not so right (The first H1N1 case) in Singapore. Depending on how I see it
  4. I just purchased a ticket yesterday using my CIMB Mastercard. Yes I have to enter the CIMB securepay thingy.
  5. O/T: I'm quite sure that i've choose not to have insurance when i fly FY. I believe there's an option.
  6. Will give it a try tomorrow if i can escape from the office early for lunch! hehe
  7. Capt, 2 flights a day on certain days ( i think Mon, Tue, Thurs) Morning 'Rubber Tapper' Flight - FY 2002 06:30 AM (SZB) 07:30 AM (KTE) Evening Flight: FY 2006 05:00 PM (SZB) 06:00 PM (KTE) KTE to SZB FY 2003 07:50 AM (KTE) 08:50 AM (SZB) FY 2007 06:20 PM (KTE) 07:20 PM (SZB)
  8. They were dead on impact or while waiting to be rescued? RIP to the victims.
  9. Great news indeed. CAn "pekena" Mee Abu and Nasi Royale... Easier for me as i will no longer have to send my mum (who frequents AOR every month) to LCCT which is an hour away from Shah Alam.
  10. I flew AK frok KUL-AOR yesterday and it was still free seating. Let's see today when i fly AOR-KUL.
  11. If this is a true story, i feel ashamed of MH and the crew and sorry for the poor lady. But as i read the story one more time before reading all your comments, my personal view would be... - Some facts are either being stretched are there's an untold stories that happened on-board. I'll be quite surprise if no other passengers stood up during the whole episode. and also this part: I have contacted other major airlines and this is how they would have dealt with the matter: I would have been moved to Business/First Class and I would have been escorted into the terminal until I safely exited the airport. MAS did not do anything for me. First of all, they jeopardised my safety and well-being by forcing the passenger to sit beside me knowing that he was hostile towards me and then they did nothing else to keep me safe. and the source of the news. ** my personal opinion *
  12. My dad was is one of the plane coming back from Pudong. He was one UNHAPPY pax to be told that the plane had a stopover in LGK. He told me it was full with pax for a tour company but most in Y so he can't tell from which tour group or company.
  13. I think RM500 is not too bad compared to other airlines, isnt it? I know in DArling Harbour Sydney, there;s this company offering fixed base simulator at $235 for one hour or $145 for a 30-minute flight. But RM500 is RM500, at this point, 'tak mampu' la for me. he he
  14. My personal view, when it comes to safety of passengers (1 or 555 pax) i say give the man (or woman) the best treatment. I'm not a pilot but as a pax i understand how tiring long hauls are even when i was flying on first class enjoying best seats, best meals and do nothing except watch movies. my 2 sen...
  15. Awesome Joke....Instead of 'bashing' MH, why not make fun of SQ once in a while..
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