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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt-KTztDw1o/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1t1tkt2iw135q
  2. Basically maybe TF trying psycho the gomen. I can build the route n cancel even its 100% load so wat.. u aint like bki...got land.got sea got sumandak got pirates got joker center... But if market correctly sarawak is different market segment. Sigh seeing memang ada Tepuk dada tanya selera
  3. My apology. Anyone can refresh me why MLJ tagged as troll master. MIA for few months.
  4. Back in 29 May 2018, i travel to BPN for the BPN BKI inaugural flight. It gave me heart attack when i was at BPN and 3 hours to flight, the counter staff where i went to check in said the flight were cancelled due to low pax. there rest was history...
  5. completed KCH BKI OD1707 on 13 Nov with POB 40 and BKI KCH OD1706 on 18 Nov with 20POB duno how it can tahan... the timing just 1 hour later than MH and MH seems better load than OD. AK biasa la packed like sardine and price not cheap either. I can get od return tix RM198 plus 25kg luggage n pizza on board.
  6. please dont introduce them tuhau... if not the local will get mad...
  7. oh, if ak doing KCH BWN, i will be on their inaugural flt
  8. i mean at pnk side, no ceremony. the delay was due to unknown reason. from terminal i only see the ground staff running up and down the aircraft for unknown reason Thanks for the nice shot....
  9. actually no ceremonial... with no food offered catering time is saved, but i dont know why the ground staff kept running up and down in and out the belon and kept delaying. besides some photo taking, nothing much...
  10. 3 of us from WBGG Rayner, Chai SK, and my self Water canon video no function no event no goodies..... just the traditional costume and water canon salute... and sarawak beads garland... Sekian terima kaseh
  11. how bout SQ? any W17 changers?? Last week i was on 330... load very high... A380 please....kasmahamida
  12. im met pilot flying with Air Atlas 747 n air kalitta at ICN here staying at the same hotel. the atlas air pilot said he was w mh from 1989 to 1999... mh747 glorious time... soon took over by b777 n he left to other cargo plane company using b747
  13. from my observation as pax point of view, the old 5 cc is good for pax service but not efficient to company the current 4cc service is efficient by eliminate the preload the hot meal at galley and wasting time there. the current system is for domestic flight is 1st round bring whole bucket or tray (i dont know what they call that) of hot meal and put on box while serving, 2nd round is when done with meal then come back with drinks service, no need pour from stainless steel jug, direct from coke bottle or OJ carton, some flight they just pass you prepacked OJ, even faster. BKI KCH flight no drink service, only upon request they will serve. all meal come with 250ml of water instead of 60ml prepacked small cups... at the same time they collect back the meal box. i would see all the unnecessary and inefficiency eliminated. hence lower cost. i would rather suggest them throw everything into a trolley bin rather than wasting time re arrange it into the tray. i tried GA before for just short flight from DPS to LOP... prepacked bun n cakes with mineral water in box distributed thru out full flight with in minutes. due to short flight the collect the finished boxes and throw in the trolley bin... pax can bring it away if they want... that is added value to pax. not all pax want to eat on flight, so they still can opt to take it away. same goes with TG, short flight like BKK CNX, meal box with disposable paper bowl and plates. fast to distribute and collect back and environment friendly
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