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  1. Currently MLG is the only aircraft with the old seats. MLI has reconfigured for new seats as well as its modified sky lighting in the cabin.
  2. Their TOC when tickets are issued. Our check-in counters for flights using ATR72-500 aircraft are open ninety (90) minutes and close thirty (30) minutes before the domestic scheduled flight departure time and forty five (45) minutes for international scheduled flight departure time and for flights using B737-800 aircraft, check-in counter are open hundred and twenty (120) minutes and closed forty five (45) minutes before for domestic and international scheduled flight. Check-in deadlines may vary at different airports and for particular flights; it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with these deadlines, the particulars of which will be available at the time you make your booking. In any event, without derogating from the generality of other provisions of these General Conditions of Carriage governing the right of refusal of carriage, we reserve the right not to allow you to check in without any liability to you and without having to refund to you any Tariff paid. Code share flights 4000-4999 and 7000-7999 are subject to Operating Carrier Check-in requirement.
  3. My list: AK - B737-300, A320 3K - A320 JQ- A320 MH - ATR72-500/600, F50, B737-400, B737-500, B737-800, B777-200, A330-300, A380-800, A350-900 FY - ATR72-500/600, B737-800 OD- B737-800, B737-900 SQ - A310, B747-400 D7 - A330-300 TR- A320 CZ- A319 NZ- A320 OZ- B767-300ER
  4. Heard that the coming A350 fits with center tank for LHR routes, any clarification?
  5. ATR aircrafts comes handy with their economy fuel burn, however, the most hurting part is their maintenance, which costs a lot though. Nevertheless, ATR are meant for routes with low capacity passengers other than 100++ passengers per turn.
  6. Mine Airasia -Airbus A320, Boeing 737-300 Air New Zealand - Airbus A320 Asiana Airlines- Boeing 767-300ER Berjaya Air - ATR 72-500 China Southern Airlines- Airbus A319 Firefly- ATR 72-500 Jetstar Airways - A320 Malaysia Airlines - Fokker 50, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 737-500, Airbus A330-300, Boeing 777-200ER Malindo- Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER MASWings - Fokker 50, ATR 72-500, ATR72-600 Singapore Airlines- Airbus A310, Boeing 747-400 Tiger Air- A320
  7. Regardless of missing aircraft, Airasia storms over the flight to Singapore as QZ 8501 using PK-AXU today. I'm sure the feeling over the flight is very intense and sadness over the flight. Stay Strong~
  8. Updating some stories in BKI. First and foremost, Redbus came and great us with the most gorgeous and branded Sharlets. 9M-AJB Latest ATR 72-600 in MASWings fleet. 9M-MYB AlvinLvk Spotter in action. Families of BKI Spotters. Indeed something interesting going on today... Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Today, our BKI has attracted some irresistible mermaids to stopby BKI. Behold!!!! 9M-MRC And we left the place thereafter. However, TBC~ xD
  9. Conclusion do lies upon the investigation. But believed this incident will twist the whole aviation world a new rule. No aircraft psssing if there's warzone or conflict happening. Perhaps no more departing, arriving, passing through any area which involves conflict. Flight Dispatchers, ATC and pilots are trained to lead passengers with safety, comfort and economical. No way aircraft are flown in a way that due to fuel saving, you have to cut short the route. Most probably, if possible, airways can be removed from the certain country if involving critical issues, and that depends on the local aviation authority. It's astonished that 2 aircraft were shot down and they were not removing the particular route. And since MH17 was downed, everyone is blaming on the airline. There are different issues to be concerned but the most significant issue is the closure of the route. I believe two aircraft involving shot down should reconsider involving the Ukraine aviation authority for not putting this to the issue. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Something to grind and share today Operate as MAS2611 back to Kuala Lumpur Enjoy xD
  11. Rare and Rural Sighting today. New and Fresh Paint from the factory Prince Lubricants. 9M-AHL
  12. Nice shots over there. Let me share my "biasa" spotting at old usual place. Back into action for Jalan Selangor 9M-AQD 9M-AHO 9M-AHI 9M-MWI 9M-AJF, My first sharkey picture in BKI 9M-SSC, My first New DHC 6 Twin Otter Series Lastly, some new comers in Kota Kinabalu N555VG to be believed from Singapore. Cirrus SR22 That's all. Enjoy
  13. Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) will record for 2 hours only, but Flight Data Recorder will record for 25 hours flight. We still be able to know what had happened out there.
  14. There are numerous keypoints I'm not understand, that this flight MH370 indeed full of mysterious questions~ 1) What makes the coincidence of disappearance from Radar upon the exchange contact between Vietnam and Malaysia? 2) What is the purpose of deactivating the transponder? 3) What's the purpose of descending the aircraft to a lower altitude since they had made a statement that the military radar detected a blip? 4) If blip is detected and unknown, the military aircraft should propose an intercepting flight. But there's no action taking place, Why? 5) If emergency has been taken place, wouldn't be wise for pilots to fly straight ahead to land at Ho Chi Minh City since the plane is at high altitude and jettison the fuel if required? 6) The endup of MH370 is located at South Indian Ocean, which is just West of Perth. The doubt I'm having here is if MH370 passes through Indonesia and Straits of Malacca, wouldn't they detect the aircraft from primary radars? 7) Previous posts showing that there's sightings of military radar in Thailand and Malaysia. If there's blip over Thailand , what's the course they are heading to? And what makes their flight alter from North to South which is not logical at all. And the fuel shouldn't be sufficient to reach over South Indian Ocean. Lastly, what's the purpose of altering the track from original flight path? So many doubts yet still confusion exists. Plot Thickens.
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