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  1. There’s also sizeable Kazakh/Central Asian student population in Malaysia.
  2. There has never been such thing as a “free” connecting flight. Fares are priced based on O&D. KUL-SIN-LHR for example has always been priced very differently than SIN-LHR.
  3. There go the last vestiges of the "old" MAS, for better or worse. I'd be curious to see what comes of the regional hub plan for SZB. Great memories on those seats. I wouldn't mind getting one of those for my living room! If anything it'll be a throwback to a very different era.
  4. Is Negaraku the quasi-official livery now?
  5. Interesting. Why is special permission needed to fly directly into KUL? Seems awfully inefficient to fly eastbound from California when TPAC is most direct. Reminds me of that BFI-KUL (now SZB) record-breaking flight by an MH 77E in 1997.
  6. They've been trying to find some sort of unique cultural greeting (like TG's 'wai' or the Japanese/Korean bowing), and that hand-over-the-chest is what they settled on. It just feels a bit forced if I'm being honest. If only they spent that much effort into actually improving their product.
  7. I don't know about AMS slots, but I can definitely see the merits of resuming CDG. It's really a big gap in KUL's connectivity, and since AF is showing no interest in returning (BKK and SIN are working very well for them), MH has the upper hand here. MH will get less connecting traffic in FRA, but DE-MY business traffic might just be considerable enough to make it work. They really shouldn't continue allowing SQ to be our de facto national carrier.
  8. In other words...... just looking at the average ticket price is hardly a fair analysis
  9. Ryanair had an average fare of 27EUR (~135MYR) in 2021 and they seem to be doing fine. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1125265/average-ticket-price-selected-airlines-europe/
  10. If they denied the AOC, they’d be accused of protectionism by the general public who clamour for cheaper fares. It’s just impossible to please everyone.
  11. They don’t really have the equipment for long haul growth anyway.
  12. I’m not sure a market like TPE can sustain the opulence of 73H and tuna puffs!
  13. Are they tight on frames earlier in the day? I can't imagine slots being that big an issue here. The flights don't connect well to most places (apart from DOH), but I suppose they don't see much connecting potential for these routes.
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