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  1. It's not uncommon for airlines to have one-off or seemingly random cancellations in advance. Could be due to many reasons -- low demand, maintenance scheduling, crew/aircraft shortage, etc. These changes aren't usually communicated to frontliners though.
  2. In-town offices are increasingly obsolete. Back in the day it was necessary to have a physical presence to deal with customers and travel agents, but the there’s much less of a need for that these days. I was under the impression that MH being responsible with its money is a good thing.
  3. Better get the lawyers ready in case of any seat swaps 😉
  4. They seriously need to revamp the road leading to SZB. And that rusting pedestrian bridge just before T2 is an absolute eyesore.
  5. I’m not seeing anything that suggests TG will be installing some super-premium product on their A320s. It doesn’t even have seatback IFE which puts it in the same category as MH’s 73H. I know the 73Hs are awful for anything longer than a KUL-SIN/HKT hop, but TG isn’t much better in that regard.
  6. We’ve had several high-profile visits from the U.S. but still no sign of AA/DL/UA…
  7. AF seems to be very happy with its QF partnership for its Australian connections. They've even negotiated QF lounge access in SIN, so I doubt they're in a rush to build up their partnership with MH. KUL-CDG might not be large enough a market to sustain both AF and MH, so it can't be on the wishlist for both carriers.
  8. There's nothing wrong with using off-the-shelf products. Few airlines design their very own products as it's a very expensive process, and even then they're not guaranteed to be good. SQ's custom-made J (both the A359LH/ULR and A380 versions) might be unique but far from the best. They even use generic products on the 738, 7M8, 787 and 359MH. Their J product just needs to be competitive, not revolutionary.
  9. Look at it within the regional context. MH's 737s compete against the likes of SQ and TG widebodies, not just the LCCs. It's not loads you have to worry about - it's the yields that matter. The 73H product is wholly uncompetitive on anything over 2.5 hours.
  10. Not sure what the mess would be. 3K is fairly integrated with QF and has interline agreements with OALs without being a OW affiliate. Also, comparing FY to KA/MI is just strange. Those two were full service regional arms of the respective parent carriers. FY is much closer to TR, albeit without the connectivity that the latter offers to SQ. Me neither, but I do know an FY code isn't good for OW benefits. Unless you're booked on MH628/606 which doesn't overlap with QR/QF lounge hours.
  11. That’s a good analysis. And yes, South Africa is quite an expensive market for air travel. Despite its economic woes it’s actually a fairly high yield market.
  12. Whatever for, though? The current setup works fine, and the passenger flow in the international zone of the MTB is already mixed.
  13. KLIA’s T1 system wasn’t designed for this from the get go. As noted the Aerotrain system would have to be totally redone.
  14. Deflating seats aren't uncommon. I've also heard of deflating issues on LX J which is from the same manufacturer. While not the same product, AC's 787 and 777 J is famous for having a deflating issue.
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