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  1. That's a shame. I was rather looking forward to foreign airlines (e.g LH, QF, NZ, AF, etc) filling the void and our trillion-RM debt disappearing overnight.
  2. KUL isn't LHR. Airlines aren't tripping over one another to serve KUL, and no incentive is great enough to change their minds. You want to connect a second-rate market like Malaysia to the world? You're going to need a national carrier.
  3. But it's a better idea to channel that money into some other shady project that in all likelihood will benefit even fewer Malaysians? Is that your idea of taxpayers' money well spent?
  4. Believe govt should just shut down all Malaysian carriers. No chance of failing airlines and draining resources. Much more feasible.
  5. And who gets the last laugh when there's no competition? The Malaysian public? Where do you think all that money would end up if it weren't used for saving the airlines? A new hospital that's built by the most competent contractor through a clean and transparent tender process? Let's get real. This is Malaysia.
  6. Perhaps because there’s more to pollution than motor vehicles and planes.
  7. You’re confusing outright bans with quarantine orders. AU/NZ aren’t banning incoming passengers — they just need to self-isolate. I know some people who prefer going now and self-isolate, rather than wait and risk an outright ban.
  8. Those A359s are meant for domestic routes to begin with. It’s the A351s that will fly internationally.
  9. Are we really going to pretend that average domestic fares haven't dropped dramatically since the "old glory days" of MH's monopoly?
  10. Ah yes. The old glory days of RM800 tickets to East Malaysia. Good times.
  11. I think KLIA3 (god help us if they stick to that nomenclature) is effectively MTB2. Satellite B would still part of the current MTB. It wasn’t too long ago that MAHB said KLIA3 is decades away. MTB expansion should be the more immediate plan I believe. In any case I can’t see how they can rely on the existing MTB facilities to serve another Satellite terminal.
  12. If by “going places” you mean having a government that meddles non-stop with VN, then sure. Some people saying GA was going places after its rebirth in the early 2010s and that MH had so much to learn. Look how well that turned out.
  13. We’re talking about granting a short extension to documented visitors who are having issues getting home. Nobody is suggesting granting them permanent residence/asylum/citizenship. How this compares to the issue of illegal immigration is beyond me.
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