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  1. I think there's a bug in the website. I tried doing the same booking using the desktop interface and mobile interface and found the mobile interface giving the higher price
  2. OD had jet services to JB from KLIA. However it was cancelled
  3. Is MAS still a 5 Star Airline?
  4. Looks like it will be seats taken from other retired 777?
  5. Ok that explains the strange flight no to Abu Dhabi.
  6. saw the MAS B747-400 reg 9M-MPP at Gate H6 this evening 8.40 pm. Apparently on flight to Abu Dhabi as MH8704. Any ideas why they are using the 747?
  7. I'm sure that lots of people chose MAS because of the 34" pitch
  8. You are right. B1 is the new temp lounge. Used it on last Thursday. Nothing much to say but disappointment. Hopefully the domestic lounge will be ready soon
  9. You are talking long haul on the 777. If I'm sitting for 2-3 hours, it's acceptable. But I'll definitely avoid MAS with 30" pitch for 12 hour flights.
  10. If MAS goes 10 abreast or reduce their seat pitch I'm afraid they are forgetting the main core of their product. 5 Star Airline. They would just be another 3 star airline. I remember MAS once won the award for best economy class with their 34" pitch seats. A shame really
  11. I'll miss Seats 14A and F Was on the 737-400 on MH1058 from JHB to KUL on the 13 June Now let's hope MAS will return the leased 737-800 with BSI. I prefer the old 737-400 compared to them. Even the seat pitch on the 737-400 is better than the current 737-800 with and without BSI.
  12. That's Malaysia. Enforcement is non existent
  13. From what I heard MAS will be taken over by the same person who brought us Petron
  14. I'm on MH73 from HKG to KUL later today. It's a B777-200. My confidence to MAS and Boeing
  15. Losing 5 stars. I think it is almost a certainty. Just look at the facts: On board catering - worse Inflight service - worse Seat pitch of new aircrafts compared to old aircraft - worse
  16. We'll definitely not 5 Star Airline with 5 Star Meals! Maybe need to re-evaluate MAS 5 star rating? 5 Star Airline with 1 Star inflight Meals?
  17. MAS 30" pitch is just horrible. That's why I still prefer their older 737-400 which have better seat pitch
  18. KJ Lim

    MH Fares

    The fares on MAS website seems to be back to normal
  19. KJ Lim

    MH Fares

    MH Mobile is cheaper compared to the website
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