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  1. Anyone know what has happened to site of old BTU ? If it is so near city/town centre, must be quite a valuable piece of real estate.
  2. With 'hundreds' of the little critters quoted, I'll take that story with a pinch of salt if you don't mind !
  3. Thanks for those pics of old BTU Nick Never been there myself but heard stories about how the birds were parked right next to 'town' Now I can see they weren't kidding me !
  4. There is a KA A321 parked at BKI as at this evening - unable to return home ?
  5. Folks, There is a KA (Dragonair) A321 sitting at remote stand at BKI for good part of today, at least till earlier this evening. Anyone has any idea ? Perhaps gounded ? [Just read at 'General Aviation' about HKIA being affected by typhoon - could this be the reason ?] And yes, KE (Korean Air) is sending 744's into BKI - had to see it for myself today
  6. If the birds are to be inactive for extended periods of time, hope they do not leave them exposed to the mercies of our tropical climate here - could be down 'road of no return' !
  7. Adrian, Remember, the risk is there of easier access for Labuanites to cross over to mainland - the nett effect may not be as attractive as first impression may suggest. Personally, I'll pop over for the cheap beer anytime !! You sure one not enough kah ?! Or you still bachelor ?
  8. Hmmm, a novel and interesting (mind boggling in fact !) perspective of one's own identity !! Ranting section : if an 'intelligence dept' does exist here in Sabah, it would imply 'intelligence' of some form and degree within the political & civil service systems. Sad to say, it does not appear such a department exists !
  9. Locals - meaning the politically connected kuncu-kuncu's awarded the 'projek' to build bridge ?!
  10. SV, Many thanks for reminding us what TWU used to be like. Like what I've mentioned before, the terminal reminds me of what BKI used to be, you know, where T2 is now. Used to make a few trips to TWU over the summer (northern hemisphere mind you !) holiday break, back during the mid 80's. Agree with you about Tawau being boring (mind you, I haven't been back for years now) - but during that period of time, the place was just oozing prosperity ! But then I suppose a 'good time' could have been found if one was so inclined ! Pieter, Good choice ! I'm a drug pusher !
  11. Is there a touch of sarcasm embedded - or is it just me ?!
  12. The 727 and DC9/MD80 series had quite successful production runs too, or did their designs predate the 707 ?
  13. Looks like LCC's are spreading around world wide like nobody's business. Makes you wonder how long and to what extent 'traditional' airlines can survive as they currently exist
  14. MoU with Boeing, LoI with Airbus - these SQ guys really know how to play their cards right !!
  15. That is an insignificant decline compared to how AK's value has plunged recently !!
  16. BC Tam


    Hai-Yah ! Those pics nothing wrong lah. Maybe just too big to accomodate here, but we can still view - thank you ! It is so comforting to learn I'm not the only one in KK to stomp on my car for the sake of taking pic of an aeroplane !! #@%&* fence !
  17. My theory, they dont call it software for no reason !! SV, Thanks for clarifying. I must have muddled up actual meaning of your text.
  18. IMO, inevitable result of employing all these "CAD" software !! On a more sinister note - maybe, just maybe, A and B are in very confidential negotiations for a merger and the 787 / A350 designs are purposely made similar to facilitate integration of product lines later on Yeah, you guessed right ..................
  19. SV, You cannot possibly mean the bird has been out of action all this while ?!
  20. A quote worth repeating many times over. To Capt Attan, our best wishes for a speedy recouperation
  21. Uurgh - and you're not kidding I presume !!
  22. Met up with your Dad only on Thursday - is he in AKL already ?
  23. C'mon guys - it's just, 'different' !! To me it looks like a 'penyu' ! Would be cool to actually see the thing fly - might be difficult now though, wings appear to have been scavanged
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