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  1. So true, I recall they had (in pre-pandemic times) multiple daily flights into BKI from CAN - I'm guessing perhaps that was intended in part at least as transit feed to CZ's traffic at CAN But even before that, CZ was already the 'go to' carrier doing the school holidays charter flights ex-BKI to far flung secondary Chinese 😄
  2. The media piece says MU, but I have read since then that it will be FM instead Also that CZ will be flying CAN-BKI instead of SZX-BKI One of two options I suppose - either the quoted piece prove be some total hogwash (my sincere apologies if proven be so) or the author of the published piece isn't about to get nominated for mention/prize in any media award ceremony anytime soon 😁
  3. KePKAS sambut baik pengumuman tiga syarikat penerbangan utama China – Sabah Media CZ, MF & FM gonna make their presence at BKI again next few months 😁
  4. I remember once in those very early days, when our early evening BKI-BKK flight was 'rescheduled' (ie. delayed), they brought in one of their catering carts into (the now abandoned) holding lounge at BKI T2 and dished out Maggi cup noodles plus hot water for those who were in need of 'nourishment' - I was immensely impressed 😃 I comparison nowadays .....
  5. New broom in the picture now, goes by name of Anthony I believe Get a new story out - one that will sync with the sense of 'deprivation' amongst us Bornean Malaysians A new story that promises said 'new broom' an opportunity to be seen and heard to be of some help to someone, somewhere Money ? Can always print 😁
  6. Any idea how much these certification costs amount to annually ? Is it really that prohibitive ? A thought here, if there is genuine will to reallocate Peninsular to Borneo services to FY, surely gahmen or Khazanah can pump in the annual subsidies so that those services remain viable ? It's not like MAG is any stranger to gahmen/Khazanah financial 'assistance' anymore 😉
  7. I remember the days when a 737-200 took off from BKI during quiet of night and the whole town got to know about it 😆
  8. How about rebranding KLIA 1 and KLIA 2 as KLIA T1 and KLIA T2 (respectively) plus the revamped Subang airport as KLIA2 ? 🤭
  9. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    Horse trader coming in for some horse trading 😁
  10. We flew on them Melaka to Penang in 2012 - peanuts and fruit cordial 😁
  11. I wonder if anything happened or things threatened to boil over at airspace over the Spratly Islands / South China Sea area today ? I notice the vast majority of flights were routed over Vietnam airspace earlier in the evening, instead of flying north/south over the South China Sea and the Philippines. As of now, some flights are returning to the area though Two Jin Air flights into BKI tonight (from ICN and PUS) were diverted to Jeju (CJU), now enroute again to BKI The 'inaugural' BKI-HKG flight was also routed via Vietnam airspace Ok, got it - jahur has reported it as Manila FIR going kaput 😁 BKI 2021 - Page 2 - Observation Hill - MalaysianWings - Malaysia's Premier Aviation Portal
  12. Fascinating flight option to UK, courtesy of EK 😁
  13. Presumably this would be in the A220 class ?
  14. Going by the read below 👇 that will indeed be very much what it will look like in time 😀 Malaysia's Firefly plans third hub at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - ch-aviation
  15. No merger of AirAsia's aviation business, says Fernandes | The Edge Markets Numero Uno has clarified - they will NOT merge (will probably then mean having to give up on many licences and rights otherwise) By the sound of it, probably a common foster parent structure with the kiddos fending for themselves in their own patches 😀
  16. Interesting indeed, this is the single A333 in AK's fleet (instead of D7's fleet) isn't it ? I recall it being heavily deployed up to twice daily KUL-BKI-KUL runs on AK designated flights Nowadays the A333 services are flown with D7 designation Wonder what happened 🙂
  17. AirAsia X seeks to merge with Capital A’s aviation arm AirAsia, confirms The Edge report | The Edge Markets Very interesting - anyone saw this coming ?! 😀
  18. Anyone has any idea whether the entire MH 330 fleet has been resurrected from pandemic induced hibernation yet ? And what of the remainder of the fleet - the 738's ?
  19. If you take into consideration interest(s) generated from their A380 disposal efforts, any deal that involves offloading the dugongs should be a pretty good deal already 😁
  20. Well, maybe they can have another one of those 'MOU to explore possibility of purchase' drawn up quickly, to be presented at any upcoming PM of MY (whoever it may be) meeting with POTUS as proof of MY's commitment towards US's economic growth and prosperity ? 😁
  21. You mean the A330neo's will be delivered new with known software flaws inherited from the A330ceo ? 😯
  22. PEN vs PET ? Someone typing too quickly ? 😁 Anyway, Wiki says PET is domestic only ...... Btw, anyone knows how and who input the FR24 data ? I mean the flight routes and flight details ?
  23. And here the big one - AK flying BKI-Pelotas, Brazil and KCH-Pelotas, twice daily, each route 😮 Pity about their BKI-PEN and KCH-PEN services though, dropped just like that, FY must have really beaten the stuffing out of AK there 😄
  24. According to FR24, some really interesting stuff happening in east Malaysia from this month on MasWings gonna fly A320s, not had a peek anywhere yet, must have been such a highly classified project ..... 😁
  25. Is the whole Air Asia fleet about to get a new lick of paint ?
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