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  1. I believe the second 343 will be used exclusively for London and Tianjin route as shown by dummy booking.
  2. BKK flight is operated by B738 initially at the launching of the route and transfer to B763 sometime in future. I think KUL would be the same as well. we would see B738 first and progressively change to B763 when the demand is there.
  3. All Star Alliance and Oneworld members are operate under T3. Malaysia Airline still operate in the old terminal 2.MAS will lose its competitiveness if it still operate in T2 while SIA,CX or other big players operate in the brand new,technology advanced T3.
  4. Besides the 10 77W, garuda also order for 25 738/W. Here is the link: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/080219/aqtu066.html?.v=33
  5. three CX's 346 will go to China Hainan Airline in this year.
  6. B-HQA and B-HQB have overweight problem that make CX very unhappy about the 346. Moreover,the performance of this 2 birds is lower than expected. This incident has caused CX afraid to become a launch airline of a new type of plane.
  7. The schedule for KLM 77W is as follow: New York The 777-300ER flight is being put back to New York service after it was briefly planned. KL641/642 22APR08 - 27MAY08: Day 2 03JUN08 - 25OCT08: Day 246 KL641/642 on other days is scheduled for 747-400 operation Sao Paulo The 777-300ER will operate 4 times a week instead of 5 Dubai KL427/428 will be operating 3 times a week between 19APR08 - 31MAY08 only. The 777-300ER flight is scheduled to return to DXB when the 2008/09 Winter timetable begins. Manila NEW 777-300ER Destination. 3 weekly service on Day 357 from Amsterdam The 777-300ER will not be operating to Osaka as it originally planned
  8. As far as i know,there is NO other airport in the world offering this. ZRH is the only one inthe world that offer this kind of services. Many airport not adopt it due to security reasons. When i want to check the rego, i always go to this website. Not all the route would be displayed but some key route for a particular airline is shown. http://www.acarsd.org/acarsquery.html It's a great and fantastic website,providing good tool for aircraft spotting.
  9. Wow!!! newest A380 in KUL. nice catch!!! Did the A380 park at any gate before she depart back to SIN.How long she stays in between?
  10. I would like to share with you all the pictures taken from the upcoming,newest terminal 3 in beijing. Designed by the same architectual firm that design the HKG airport,it will be the beijing largest airport terminal,far more than the size of existing terminal 1 and 2. Surely,KLIA will face another big competitor not long in the future. Remarks: The pictures are taken from other webpage,hope u all don mind about that
  11. Thanks for your advice!!!i did not realise that until u remind me. No wonder my picture appeared to be so large as compared to others. erm..i failed to snap the A380 unfortunately. Hope you guys dont mind.The picture i snapped was only part of it instead of a whole of the whalejet. This is the best photo i snapped for 380 A380 and B773 by SQ
  12. here are some shts taken from Changi: SIA Cargo are going to rotate very soon. The tail section of the cargo planes JL 77W 2 identical planes with JL planes in the background Moments when both japanese airline meet at SIN SQ Star alliance logojet FD 320 with SQ 773 and Aerolineas Argentina 343 at the back
  13. AMS,LHR,SYD are the most possibly destination that served by A380. i guess MEL,CDG,HKG,NRT may see A380 too in the future due to pretty good load on those flight. Anyhow,hope that MH may use its A380 for domestic run as well.For instance,KUL-KCH,KUL-BKI.hehe.
  14. I will surely go for Jetstar if Jetstar use Satellit terminal(KLIA) and Changi Terminal 1(SIN). It is much more convenient taking train ride from main terminal instead of LCCT and budget terminal where you have to take bus to downtown. I guess Air Asia most probably will depart from changi terminal 1 as its affiliate FD does.
  15. But the timing of this new UO flight is very bad for spotters.sigh!!!!!
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