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  1. China Eastern used to operated PVG KUL on an A320. Somehow it's being replaced by Shanghai Airlines
  2. Tray table on this C series are no different than the others.. still hit your knee
  3. As a Malaysian we whack everything at the lounge, filling up our tanker while the lounge were still quiet before proceeding to the aircraft. Prior to enter the aircraft, we were greeted by the cheerful Bombardier staff modelling her way promoting the aircraft at the door. IMG_20171003_123844 by Hon Kit, on Flickr Upon enter the aircraft , we were surprise how bright the cabin were. With very high ceiling and very spacious aisle . cabin1 by Hon Kit, on Flickr cabin2 by Hon Kit, on Flickr Also thanks to the larger window , more natural light brightens up the cabin which gives a very comfortable environment. The window are also positioned higher than its competitor. One can now look outside the window easier, rather than bending and twisting your body. Passenger seated at the aisle are also able to grab a good view out the window whist its almost impossible on the other narrow body aircrafts. window by Hon Kit, on Flickr Next , the seat. TBC...
  4. All of them will leave Malindo
  5. Today we have pre-raya movement for our ex Malaysia Airlines B777. 9M-MRP wearing Zimbabwe Airways livery on a demo flight.
  6. Cebu Pacific a330 is also an all economy with 436 seat. 30 inch seat pitch
  7. Malindo Air (Batik Air Malaysia) on Wednesday (17MAY17) updated its schedule, which sees the launch of world’s first Boeing 737MAX 8 service (7M8). The all-Economy Class 180-seater aircraft is scheduled to enter service on 22MAY17, operating on following routes. Current 737MAX 8 schedule is updated until 30JUN17 inclusive, and is subject to change. Kuala Lumpur – Singapore 22MAY17 OD803/804 01JUN17 – 30JUN17 OD801/802 Looks like you are gonna be downgraded. But i think when u arrive at airport, you should be given option to downgrade to Y or reschedule you to OD803
  8. Rest well Uncle Pieter. Thank you for being with us , sharing your experience and bringing us joy and happiness.
  9. So, door close and we are ready to go. Lining up runway 14R And... up up away. Here's the video of Malindo's 737-8 MAX first take off
  10. Boarding only starts 5 minutes before STD of 1030. VIP were invited to board first , then filling up the front first then only the back. Row 1. Bulk head row with lots of legroom. I quickly took my seat at 8A while the rest are still stuck in traffic. Including the King Spotter. View at the back. Andrea Liong , Head of Communications of Malindo Air introducing herself to all the media onboard. Checking out the seat. As this MAX is configured to complete with Airasia, you get similar view at the back seat. No PTV. Legroom wise, quite spacious. As im 6ft tall, i have no problem crossing my leg. Some collectors item. Our overhead panel , you get aircond vent. Air pressure wasnt strong, can barely feel anything. Cabin wise, you get Boeing SKY Interior. We are almost ready to go. Here's the view outside my window. One of malindo special livery, The 178th aircraft delivered to Lion Air Group. TBC..
  11. After the press conference, its time to reveal the aircraft. There she is . Coming in for a bath. All drench There she is
  12. Was lucky to be invited by Malindo Air to attend their Boeing 737-8 MAX launch. We checked in early at about 8.30am and got directed to gate G1 where the event held. Your king spotter got very excited for this historic event. VIP includes Lion group founder Rusdi Kirana, Malindo Air CEO , Chandran Rama Muthy, Director of DCA Dato' Sri Azharuddin and Boeing's representative.
  13. Caught her coming back from her HKG run.
  14. Not in anyway I'm gonna sit behind. Quiet zone all the way for now. Behind those kids and toddler screams throughout the whole flight on my past 3 D7 flights.
  15. Is their option town upgrade still available ? My last few flight for the past 2 years shows not upgradable to flatbed even though many emails sent by them to inform about optiontown upgrades
  16. Basically it comes to configuration. I prefer 2-4-2 config on a330 compared to 3-3-3 787. Been on NH/QR 787-8 and it's cramp. So if MH to maintain 2-4-2 config on their future widebodies I think I'm fine with that.
  17. Geoff, u missed out one more.
  18. Let me start this season off . Some scary looking Amazing Thailand. Airasia latest. Honghe replacing its previous Tunetalk dress.
  19. Some throwback. My 2017 spotting started at the 8th hour of the year. Greeted with the followings..
  20. Use the existing thread
  21. Welcome back! Not that much rusty after all .
  22. I was on OD152 before on hari raya . They never announce retime but delayed on FIDS to 4pm. Boarding starts 4.20pm. Pushed back at 5pm. Meal voucher ? You wished.
  23. Bus from KLIA to Paradigm Mall. Then catch a cab to SZB. Bus ticket just buy there.
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