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  1. Greetings currently 9M-VAA is deployed to sin on AK703/702 and AK707/706. Any idea how long this deployment will continue? Any plans to deploy her on other flights to sin? Thank you.
  2. Dear flee and all. Thank you very much for all the help and info rendered. She arrived after a just concluded rainstorm and here's my best attempt https://www.facebook.com/FLAPV1/photos/a.968318159856549.1073741828.963625486992483/1419010904787270/?type=3&theater
  3. Morning everyone. Is it confirmed that Malindo's B737 Max is operating OD 803 to SIN today (22 May)? Thank you.
  4. Recently, I photographed 9M-MRH with a white tail and with all titles removed arriving at WSAP. I learnt that she was being returned to lessor. Just wondering how many more MH 772s will be retired and the time frame. Thank you.
  5. Good Day to all. I have good news to share. Our friend and fellow Mwinger, Uncle Pieter, will be transiting in KUL on 6 Feb 15 arriving on KL809 and then departing on MH766. There is a chance that KL809 may be operated by PH-BQB with the special 95 sticker. While I would very much like to get a shot of these two planes, I am unable to be in KUL on 6 Feb 15. I hope that if you are spotting on this day, you could add these two movements in your spotting list. Thank you very much.
  6. Good day guys. Just wondering if you had seen 9M-MPP and if so where you saw her. Any idea where she will be tomorrow. Thank you very much.
  7. Thanks Clarence and Geoff for the clarification
  8. YOu mean no Airbus visited BKI before AHG? Really?
  9. Good morning to all. Where is the best spot to photograph Air Asia X's A333s on the ground from within the terminals? Is the public viewing mall any good for this?
  10. Thanks KS Is taxiway hotel subject too far to be photographed fr VM?
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