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  1. Oman Air is nice. They used to run SIN-KUL-SIN with a good deal. Sadly stopped not long after.
  2. The new autogate is quite impressive. Reads quite fast compared to the old one
  3. Heard some foreigners queued for over 2 hours at this queue.
  4. Wow nice. Interesting traffic there. Out of a sudden MKZ has something super rare
  5. Quite simple with big pay . Still allows me to use credit card. Top up just enough to pay for the flight.
  6. Config is the same as XBD - 367 all economy. Havent seen this XBD flying for few days now..
  7. Wow nice catch ! This fella has been sitting in SZB for awhile and been wanting to catch it. Thanks for sharing
  8. Hon Kit

    Prima Air

    Wah. Check in counter at a restaurant .
  9. I did KUL - SIN - KUL last year on HY. Only bookable through agent site. Not cheap
  10. Lets move on. Life will be better now onwards.
  11. That flight stopped back in 2016
  12. There were two engineer onboard on my recent flight. Spoke to them about it, they mention there are some minor electrical issue as they weren't so stable as of now. However , I did nothing but prayed hard . Managed to secure row 1 seat. J class were barely half full . Cabin crew were very surprised I got the seat as they said no one ever had seated there prior to that flight .
  13. Saw that flying quite high a few times too. Maybe light aircraft with low fuel load allowing higher cruise ALT.
  14. Starting fresh at the other new thread. Enough of it here. http://www.malaysianwings.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21220
  15. Whether you are educated or not, calling people by certain remark is not right. I dont wish to see this kind of behavior from you. Move on. No more comment from this rant from now on. Back to MH A350.
  16. Oh wow. ANA A321neo looks amazing. Thanks for sharing Suzuki san!
  17. Lets continue the chapter. The seat. As shown in picture below, the seat are really spacious and comfortable. Pitch is 31 inch. But this can be vary to airline's taste. They can cramp in an additional row and reduce the pitch to 28 inch (which is ridiculous). seat1 by Hon Kit, on Flickr Huge window provides a great view of the wings. wing2 by Hon Kit, on Flickr wing3 by Hon Kit, on Flickr Heres some view of the cabin. As you can see the walk way is wide which allows passenger to drag a wide piece of luggage to the back of the aircraft. cabin2 by Hon Kit, on Flickr And the Lavatory. Notice there is no cabinet under the basin, feel more spacious here. lavatory1 by Hon Kit, on Flickr
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