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  1. I sure hope you're claiming the daylights out of your travel insurance provider!
  2. I literally spat out my morning coffee when I read this! Golden!
  3. A popular ATR-flying DJ claims to have taken pictures of her and her entourage arriving off a bizjet in SZB...apparently parked next to his "ride" too...
  4. I really hope the new paintjob does this beauty some justice....
  5. I'm inclined to believe this as well. Furthermore, once the IASB ED on Leases comes into effect around 2014, all leases will be treated as "finance leases" though the distinction will not remain. A lease is a lease, capitalized in your statements.
  6. Just provide a US-stle Visa application procedure and you'll easily weed out the criminals from those we are actually interested in attracting. Visa on arrival...hmm.
  7. If I was a Malaysian taxpayer (soon soon...), I'd gladly chip in as long as the students are airlifted out safe and sound. I'm sure many forummers here wouldn't mind doing the same, as it beats 'chipping in money' for someone's Cayenne or lavish Geneva shopping sprees!
  8. hahaha i'd like to see some proof of that dear friend! As for now, we're OT. FB?
  9. haha keyboard warrior ey? As I recall, i lead the war against the infamous Keyboard Warriors of '08 and '09!
  10. Aircraft swap, two 77W's AOG in DXB.
  11. If car hit another car catastrophically?
  12. Aircraft was performing an emergency landing when it smashed into the ground...was apparently in the air for about an hour before impact. Details still sketchy...will update accordingly.
  13. UPS 747...declared Mayday on approach 30L...apparently cockpit fire. Will try and update as soon as i get anything. Crashed bloody near my old place in Dubai...holy smokes!
  14. Your England is very the screwed up... WTF?!
  15. At least there wasn't a repeat of the 'Al-Maunah' incident...
  16. You la busy farming Capt...everyday jual harvest - off topic -
  17. ohh the "Quickie" one is pretty interesting... yes please
  18. So when is PAS youth going to start a ruckus over this?
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