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  1. It's the school's DA42 and Piper Seneca P34(customizable) Fixed Sims of which I did mine on the DA42 more than a year ago.
  2. it's 6/6 brenan. Good n clear explanation by the way.
  3. Major recruitment FY - today's newspaper thestar. Firefly head-on competition with Air Asia? New routes including Vietnam, China, Phillipines and many more.... Mas 737 400 will be transferred to FY?
  4. Tiger Airways axes flights due to pilot shortage PDF Print E-mail Written by Bernama Thursday, 19 August 2010 13:09 Bookmark and Share SINGAPORE: Singapore's Budget carrier Tiger Airways has axed flights in recent weeks due to a pilot shortage, the Xinhua news agency reported, citing local media Thursday, Aug 19. It cancelled at least ten flights in the four days up to Wednesday, local newspaper The Straits Times reported. One key cause of the shortage, likely to affect other airlines as well, is the strong recovery in the aviation industry. Tiger has lost more than 20 of its pilots in a wave of resignations since June. As airlines go on hiring sprees with the recent upturn, it has become a job hunter's market not only for flight crew, but also aircraft engineers and technicians. Remuneration varies from airlines to airlines, but anecdotal evidence shows that Tiger pilots who have left are earning 30% more in their new jobs. Aircraft maker Boeing's training arm, which runs 17 campuses globally, estimates that 448,000 new pilots will be needed in the next 20 years to support fleet growth and replace retiring pilots. There are currently 170,000 pilots worldwide. — Bernama
  5. i was there to hear the pilot briefing the accident. he was fine, no injuries. while holding in uban area, he heard a loud bang from the engine. then the rpm started to increase to the red region, he then reduced the rpm the normal region. Nevertheless, the engine load indicator indicated around 3% just like running on idle. then he went through the emergency checklist and force landed.
  6. time for secured cockpits for small aircrafts too? lol....
  7. Some update on APFT here. Well, I am only 1 week old here and I would say that it's a fine school. Discipline is so strict that I am grounded for weeks before I can get out of the Crew Residence and roam about KB town. Air Traffic is very sparse here in WMKC, everyday I would take the bus at 6.30am to the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport and pass through the security to get to APFT. I would usually pass the aerobridges, bays and the light apron. Usual sights would be the carigali helicopters, firefly, mas 737, aasia a320, apac piper warrior, eagle, da40, da 42. Here are some pics ma 15/08 arrived kb, mh1388 my villa This is what i eat daily Crew Lounge with astro and wifi New Gym My Room Tower Visit at WMKC- Mas 737 taxing to apron New Wide LCD Screen for ATCs Another Screen Queue? - Need some help to name this Radio Selector 2 ATCs at work. They took multiple roles. Ground + Tower. Control +Approach. Mr Atc explaining. AFRS demo. Head's Mr. Fauzi. Here you see that, it's only water. To save cost, foam (AFFF) is not used. It cost like RM25 per liter. The AFRS also covers the area of 8km within the radius of the airport. Above that, the MNK(National Security Council) will take over to attend crash sites. We had the privilege of once in a life time to visit the Airport Lounge for Agong and Sultans Only. The room is decorated with pots of trees with gold leaves. Well, that's all folks. Hope you enjoy my pics and narratives. More to come after my exams. And Gong Xi Fa Chai. Yes, I am flying home for CNY!! Firefly to WMKP.
  8. NBC News and news services updated 8:47 p.m. ET Jan. 24, 2008 The Bush administration paid a $5 million reward to a former Minnesota flight instructor who provided authorities with information that led to the arrest and conviction of 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui. The recipient, Clarence Prevost, was honored Thursday at a closed-door ceremony at the State Department, although the payout was secretly authorized last fall by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Justice Department, U.S. officials told The Associated Press. The reward from the State Department's "Rewards for Justice" program is the first and only one to date to a U.S. citizen related to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the officials said. Story continues below ↓advertisement It is also unusual because Moussaoui, who was imprisoned at the time of the attacks, was never named as a wanted suspect by the program. The program mainly seeks information about perpetrators or planners of terrorist acts against U.S. interests and citizens abroad. The State Department would not identify the recipient, citing privacy and security concerns. Two administration officials, however, said the reward sent to Prevost, a key witness at Moussaoui's trial who has previously spoken out about his involvement in the case. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter. Prevost, 69, is a former Navy pilot who later flew for Northwest Airlines and goes by his nickname "Clancy." He was Moussaoui's flight instructor at the Pan Am International Flight Academy outside Minneapolis. Student's behavior concerns teacher Prevost testified during the trial that he found Moussaoui's behavior strange, seeking training on 747 passenger jets with hardly any pilot experience but he assumed Moussaoui was a rich guy who was “just fulfilling a dream.” And when Prevost asked about Moussaoui's religion, he answered, "I am nothing." MOUSSAOUI AP file A 2006 photograph of Zacarias Moussaoui. Prevost said he raised his concerns with a school official and was told not to worry. Prevost said the official responded, “We’ll care when there’s a hijacking.” Prevost said he became even more suspicious after learning Moussaoui paid $6,800 for his training in $100 bills. Eventually, the school agreed to call the FBI, and Moussaoui was arrested two days later, Aug. 16, 2001, on immigration violations. Moussaoui initially told investigators that he was taking commercial flight training lessons for personal enjoyment and that the more than $32,000 in cash he brought into the United States was from a family business venture, FBI agents said. Moussaoui, a French citizen of Morrocan descent, pleaded guilty in April 2005. Spared the death penalty, he was sent to prison for life for his role in the terror attacks. Prevost's reward was given under a State Department program that offers rewards for information that results in terror prosecutions.
  9. 15-01-2008: AirAsia on track with pilot training target by Aznita Ahmad Pharmy SEPANG: AirAsia Bhd is expanding its training centre, which will involve an additional investment of RM40 million, and the addition of more simulators in a move to train more than 5,000 pilots a year. AirAsia Bhd group chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandes said yesterday the company was investing RM40 million in the second phase of the academy which would include a swimming pool for water drills. The expansion to the academy would be ready by June this year, he said after the signing ceremony between Canadian flight simulator provider CAE and AirAsia. It was witnessed by Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy. CAE group president for innovation and civil training and services, Jeff Roberts, said yesterday it picked Malaysia as its regional hub and teamed up with AirAsia Academy in Sepang for the training centre. “Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing markets in the aviation world and we chose Malaysia due to the government’s speed and support,” he said. “The partnership between CAE and AirAsia would ensure the highest quality in aviation training and would also address the growing pilot shortage we are facing,” Chan said. CAE targets to train 1,000 pilots a year and would increase the target to 5,000 pilots, Roberts said. He hopes to see the region’s contribution to its group revenue, now about 7% to 8%, to double within the next five years. Last November, CAE agreed to manage AirAsia’s Type Rating Training Organisation (TRTO) to train AirAsia’s pilots over the next 10 years beginning this year. The contract is valued at more than RM175 million. The TRTO has three simulators consisting of two Airbus A320s belonging to AirAsia and a Boeing 737-300 belonging to CAE. Two more simulators will be added by CAE within the year. Fernandes said one of the simulators would be for the Airbus A320 and the other for the Airbus A330. On speculation that there were plans to take AirAsia private, he replied: “We have no plans to privatise. It’s not something that I am aware of.” He was asked to comment on the decline in its share price, which had fallen about 9.6% since the announcement of its first-quarter results at the end of November. OSK Investment Research said the airline had seen strong selling of its shares by foreign shareholders of late. On the response to AirAsia’s Singapore and Kuala Lumpur services which will take off from Feb 1: “We are very happy with the response, business is very strong,” he said, adding that to-date about 10,000 seats worth some RM1 million had been sold.
  10. if the plane is not powered by its own. Meaning the engines are not turned on, then there's no hydraulics to power the brakes on bored. When the aircraft is static with engines off. Normally the parking brakes will not work without the hydraulics, so you would see wooden stoppers in between the wheels.
  11. Airline's crew rules 'embarrassing' KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines' work policies for its women flight attendants are "embarrassing", says the MAS Employees Union's executive secretary since 2003, Mustafar Maarof. "I was asked often about MAS's employment policies at the Civil Aviation Union international conferences in Vienna and Toronto," he said, adding that the international community viewed discrimination at work "very seriously". "I don't like to put my country down but, when people ask me, I have to tell the truth. It's disappointing and embarrassing that our national airline's employment policies aren't on par with those of other national carriers," Mustafar told the New Straits Times yesterday. Commenting on a New Sunday Times report on a paper written by a Universiti Malaysia Terengganu lecturer, he said the debate over the retirement age for women cabin crew had been going on for a long time. "At MAS, most female flight attendants retire at 40. Lead cabin crew can work till they are 45. Men retire at 55 no matter what (their) grade. "This is highly discriminatory. There are national carriers in Asia where women cabin crew retire much later." Japan Airlines, Mustafar said, has fixed the retirement age for female cabin crew at 60. Stewardesses at Air India and Indonesia's Garuda International Airlines can work until they are 55. "At 40, a woman may still have a mortgage and other expenses, so she needs a regular income," he said. The paper said MAS had discriminatory employment policies that were contrary to the Constitution and the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, which Malaysia ratified in 1995. "Together with women's non-governmental organisations, the union has written countless memoranda urging MAS and the government to review the retirement age," said Mustafar. "Unfortunately, nothing has changed. As a national airline, MAS should stop discriminating against its female cabin crew." At budget airline AirAsia, women flight attendants can work till they are 55. "The retirement age for AirAsia cabin crew, who are all permanent staff, is 55," said a media relations spokes-man.
  12. Latest MalaysianWings Member joining the Pool of MAS Cadets. After 1 year and 9 months waiting for this position after applying. Good training for patience. I will have my briefing this 9th Jan 2008. And sent off on the 24th Jan 2008 to APFT Kota Bharu. Just in case, you dunno me see this pic below .... Will keep u guys up to date. Guess, not much has been reported for APFT compared to HMA over here.
  13. it all fell after TJ took over.... just 1 man mishap....pls dun condemn mas...the staffs are still the strength
  14. the incident is caused during a training session, when the instructor failed to react during a hard landing by a junior, damaging the landing gears...
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